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How do I extend the reach of my wireless network


If you are getting a weak signal from your wireless network and are having problems being dropped from the internet or a slow running internet than it most likely means that you need to rethink your wireless connection. Improving the signal you get for your wireless network is the best way to extend the reach of your wireless network. Here are some tips to have your wireless connection work the way you need and want it to.

  1. How you position your wireless router, or the wireless access point can make a difference in the type of signal that you get from your wireless network. When at all possible your wireless router should be the central most location of your home. It is not a big problem if you can't move your wireless router because there are still other ways to improve you wireless network connections.
  2. If you have your wireless network router on the floor your connection may be improved by moving it off the floor. You may also extend the reach of your wireless network by moving the router away from walls or any metal file cabinets or other metal objects. Walls, floors and any metal can interfere with the wireless signals coming from your router. The closer your wireless router is to walls, floors or metal objects the weaker your signal will be because of interference from those objects.
  3. Replace the wireless router's antenna if needed. The antenna that comes with your router broadcast a signal in all directions. However, if your router is near an outside wall then you are losing half the wireless signals to the outside of your home. This will also waste your power that is needed for your wireless network. You can overcome this problem by upgrading to a hi-gain antenna that will allow you to focus the wireless signals in only one direction and aim that signal in the direction that you need it the most.
  4. Another popular way to extend the reach of your wireless network is to replace your computer's wireless network adapter. Signals are being sent both ways on your computer and your wireless network. Sometimes that signal isn't strong enough so you might want to replace the wireless network adapter with a USB network adapter. If your laptop has a built in wireless then you most likely do not need to upgrade the network adapter.
  5. Add a wireless repeater to your home. The wireless repeater can extend your wireless network without you adding any extra wiring. Placing the wireless repeater halfway between the wireless access point and your computer will help you to extend the reach of your wireless network.
  6. Reduce the use of other wireless products in your home. Cordless phones and other wireless electronics can interfere with your wireless network and the signal it is trying to receive from the router. Replace older wireless phones with wireless phones that use 5.8GHz and higher or a 900 MHz frequencies.
  7. A simple update to your network adapter or router can help extend the reach of your wireless network. Visit the website for the manufacturer of your router. If there are any updates available for your particular router it will be listed on their website.
  8. When you are purchasing the equipment for your wireless network it is best to use equipment from a single vendor so that you can extend the reach of your wireless network. You can get better performance when your router and network adapter are bought from the same vendor.
All of these are good ideas on how to extend the reach of your wireless network. If one does not work you can try another idea.
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