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Reviews of technology, which are really reputable?

When it comes to buying the latest gadgets, you want to make sure that you will be getting your money's worth.Some gadgets are simply not worth the hype.While others are hidden gems that may not be advertised as heavily as inferior products are.What you really need is a review that you can trust.Reviews are excellent tools to use to ensure that the product that you are interested in is really going to be something that you will enjoy.Product reviews allow you to benefit from someone else buying and trying the product first.Still, many people are not willing to trust technology reviews.After all, how can you know which ones are reputable and which ones are simply trying to look reputable?Fortunately there are a few things that you can look out for as you read through your reviews.

Consumer Report

Of all the reviews of technology available, Consumer Reports is probably the most easily recognizable reputable source for reviews.Consumer Reports is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the public by testing, informing and protecting.Consumer Report tests hundreds of thousands of products.Because they receive no incentive for rating products in one way or another, they have developed a reputation of giving truthful unbiased reviews.The Consumer Report teams maintain their independence and impartiality towards the products they are testing by refusing any outside advertising or gifts (such as free samples).The goal of this review company is to test a product in order to inform the public of the benefits and disadvantages that the product possesses while making sure that the consumer is protected from any possible defect or physical hazard that a product could contain.Consumer Report reviews can be accessed through signing up for membership on their website at or by subscribing to their publication.


One of the most important aspects of a reputable technology review is whether or not the review is biased.Many companies will actually create their own teams of reviewers and will publish internal reviews.Of course these reviews are intended to make the company and the product look desirable.If the company tests a product and the result is not favorable, it is unlikely that their negative review will ever be made available to the public.If however a test yields a favorable review the company will be quick to spread the news and build its reputation.This is yet another reason why rumors are not good reviews, simply because you never know if it was the manufacturer or creators of the product who started the rumors in the first place.The bottom line is that you cannot trust the reviews of those who are too close to the product.You must look for reviews done by independent agencies that have nothing to gain or loose based on the results of their technological reviews.Only then will you receive the unbiased opinions that will help you to make well-informed decisions.

Organizations (.org)

When you are looking online for reviews of technology keep in mind that the web address of the reviews that you will find can give you hints about whether or not that review is truly reputable.It was mentioned earlier that non-profit, independent companies gave the most reputable reviews.Such companies have web addresses that end with a .org for organization.Although there will be some reputable reviews that do not have the .org sign, you can have a bit more trust in the ones that do.

Regular publication

Reputable reviews of technology are made available on a regular basis.Reputable reviews are occurring all the time.You need to know what the reviews are on the latest and greatest in the technological world.A reputable company will have the resources necessary to get you the important product information that you need when you need it.

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