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Why 3D televisions are the next high tech gadget you need to own

We've seen how many movies have already been released in 3D and how many new movies are being created with 3D. There are a lot of people that love 3D and want to bring home the experience they had in the theatre. Thanks to Panasonic and other companies, 3D TV is now a reality and you can enjoy some films in the way they were meant to be seen.

It's taken awhile for 3D movies to get to the point where they are amazing. Avatar is an example of a movie in 3D that needed years to develop before it could be released as James Cameron had to wait for technology to catch up with his concept. The 3D TVs that are on the market are the first of their kind so it's expected that you are going to have a few kinks to work through before it will feel like you are back in the movie theatre.

Panasonic and other companies are really working hard to make the 3D experience come into your home without giving you headaches and problems. They are finding resistance to 3D TV by a lot of people because it is pretty costly to get it all set up. Let's say you don't already have an LCD TV because they cost $700 or more for a decent 42'' so the cost of upgrading from an older TV is already a big investment. The cost of upgrading to 3D TV is a significant investment, averaging $3,000 or more for the smaller systems.

The best Panasonic 3D TV is around $12,000. If you are like most people, having this amount of money lying around isn't a reality, much less a sum of money that you will invest on a television system. Unlike manufacturers can find a way to reduce the cost of 3D TV, it's not something that the average American will be able to afford.

Right now television manufacturers are promoting the heck out of what 3D TV will do for your television watching experience. You can see a baseball pitch up close at a birds eye view, you can watch an NFL receiver catch a pass right in front of your nose, etc. Sure these features are cool but do you really want to watch every single television show or sporting event in this manner?

Not to mention what you need to do in order to watch 3D TV, you have to wear specialty glasses. What about if the glasses break, you have to order new ones and they will cost you. Some glasses only cost $20 but others run upwards of $100. Panasonic is including a couple sets of glasses with the purchase of a new 3D TV system, but how many people do you plan to watch TV in your home? Chances are, there will be more than 6 of you when the Super Bowl is on.

Right now 3D TV just isn't a possibility for most people as they are still recovering from the recession. Until the prices are affordable it's going to take awhile for people to catch onto the idea of bringing 3D TV into their homes. Take a look at how long it took for BluRay to finally become accepted and even then, not that many people have upgraded to BluRay as they have found that it's not all that impressive, especially if you don't have an LCD TV.

If you like to have the latest and greatest technology and something that will make your friends say "wow" then investing in 3D TV is something you want to do. Just know that it will be an investment that you will need to make again in a few years as the technology starts to get better and the prices start to come down.

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