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Why to buy the Canon Mini DV Digital video camcorder?

Where to buy the Canon Mini DV digital video camcorder? There are different reasons to buy the Canon Mini DV digital video camcorder. There are many places that you can purchase this type of digital camcorder. The main thing, is finding the digital camcorder and accessories for the best price.

There are a few different Canon Mini DV digital video camcorders. At this point it is a good idea to review a few different ones, and then find the best places to get them online.

The main reason to buy these Mini DV digital camcorders is the size, price, picture quality, and ease of use. This is a favorite for many and has gotten good reviews. Here is a list of a few different types of these style of camcorders.

There is the Canon Elura 100 Mini DV digital camcorder. The purchase price is around $300-500. The digital camera has optical excellence. In addition to this, there is advanced image processing, and a higher level of performance. The ease of use with the Canon Elura digital camcorder is great for any level of creator.

You can get this camera for a decent price by checking the comparison price options at

There is also the Canon ZR800 Mini DV digital camcorder. The purchase price for this digital video camcorder is around $217-300. This camera has a great 25X optical zoom, and 1000X digital zoom. For the price this is great. Usually anywhere around that price you would get less. This digital camcorder comes with many added features, which includes an image stabilizer and much more.

You can get this camera for a good price by checking the comparison price options at

The next option is the Canon ZR-500 Mini DV digital camcorder. The price range is between $205-249. This digital camcorder comes with 25X optical zoom, and 800X digital zoom. Comparably, this is a good digital camcorder for the price you pay. This is a smaller compact model, which makes it easy and convenient to make awesome digital videos.

You can pick up this camera at

You can get the Canon HV10 Mini DV digital camcorder for around $750. This camcorder has a wide screen LCD monitor, 10X optical zoom and 200X digital zoom. This is a hot seller and the reason is for the amazing picture. The options for features with this camcorder are all there.

You can get this camcorder through

Finally there is the Canon XL 1S Mini DV digital camcorder. This amazing digital camcorder runs around $2500. This digital camera is on the more professional side of digital cameras. It is small enough to carry around comfortably, however comes with great picture and sound creation quality. If you want to go a bit higher on the Canon line of DV Minis, this is the way to go.

This digital camcorder is available through, in addition to many other options.

Another good site to pick up a good Canon DV Mini digital camcorder is through This site provides you with kit options and much more.

The Bargainist is another good site that offers good deals for the Canon DV Minis. Their site is

You can also pick up several different Canon Mini DV digital video camcorders through The price through Wal-Mart is reasonable. The accessories are also easy to purchase and have shipped simply by pressing a couple buttons.

Which ever Canon Mini DV you choose for your price range, keep in mind that you can probably get it for less through a site like one of these. This is where you can purchase the Canon Mini DV digital camcorder for a good price. It is up to you to decide which one is right for you.

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