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Managing your employees properly to prevent fraud

accountant37004113.jpgWhile you may work hard to hire the best employees out there, some employees have a nasty habit known as committing fraud against their employers. Fraud actually accounts for up to 7% of lost income for business. Fraud is more than taking a pen or a notepad; it often includes giving away free products to friends and stealing money from the company. Preventing fraud is one of the most important things an employer can do in order to prevent losing money and weeding out the bad employees. Here are some simple tips to follow that will help you manage your employees properly to prevent fraud:

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How to become a respected and liked manager

ladyoncellphone30335335.jpgA manager that is respected and well-liked holds personality qualities that naturally draw people to them. Some people feel that once they hold the leadership position, the skills will come however the skills you need lie in your basic personality. You need to have the initiative to bring out the leadership skills that you know you possess. If you have become a manager, there are some skills you need that will help you become a well respected and liked manager.

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Professional team counseling

businessmeeting26668385.jpgGetting a business up and running is difficult enough in and of itself, but then getting a team of workers to buy into your ideas and start implementing them as your own is something else entirely.It takes a lot of dedication to make a business team successful and sometimes requires the help of someone else.Here is some information about hiring a professional team counselor to help you develop your team into what you want them to be.

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Managing introverts and extroverts

buisnessmeeting26238539.jpgThere are countless personalities in the workplace.All people bring a different flare to what they do.By trying to understand the common character traits of different personalities, we can better understand how to communicate and work effectively with all kinds of individuals.While you can spend your whole life learning about all the different personalities out there, most people fit into two very general categories: extroverts and introverts.Understanding the differences between introverts and extroverts, is an excellent starting place for effectively working with and managing as many people as possible in the work place.

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Managing difficult employees

mantiedup28718953.jpgManagers make more money than the rest of us for several reasons, but one of the main reasons why they are more handsomely compensated for what they do is because it is their responsibility to handle the unsavory people who they come in contact with both in the office and from consumers.Good managers are able to put themselves in the other guy's shoes, so to speak, and work well with just about everyone because of their ability to find a way to communicate with all personality types.

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Annual report design services

A corporation's annual report is one of perhaps their most popular public documents.Annual reports include the year's financial statements in the form of a balance sheet, income statement, auditor's report and a detailed outline of the companies operations for the past year.The annual report is only required by companies who have gone public with their stock.Stockholders are entitled to know how the company has done in the past year so that they can make wise investment decisions.

The importance of the annual report is huge.Not only does it provide information to current stockholders, but because the annual report is available to the public, anyone who wishes can look into the financial well-being of your company.Potential investors will review your annual reports and make determinations about whether or not your company is worth further investment.The financial statement can, at times of financial struggle, make or break your company's financial future.

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How to implement 360 degree feedback

The topic of this particular article is how to implement 360 degree feedback.Now, probably a large number of you readers have heard of 360 degree feedback and are curious about how it can help you and how you can implement.However, a number of you probably have no idea what 360 degree feedback is and you are trying to find new ways to improve the productivity and management of your workforce, which is the intent of 360 degree feedback.

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Kindle Review

After months of contemplation, I finally ordered Amazon's hot new product, the Kindle.

And at the moment, I'm impressed.

For those of you who don't know, the Kindle is an electronic book, enabling you to download books and read them on an easily-read screen. It promises savings (downloaded books usually cost $9.99 as opposed to the $20+ costs on Amazon), ease of reading, paper savings, and the ability to stay up to date with the world through daily downloads of newspapers and magazines.

And, while it's not yet perfected, it delivers on the above.

Product Description

Size: 7.5" high, 5.25" wide, and just 0.5" thick.

Screen size: 4.75" x 3.5" which may seem small, but since you can easily adjust type size, it really doesn't matter. The screen is white with black print, and is specifically designed so that you can read it even under the bright glaze of sunlight. However, this also means that you need light to read, so if you're reading in bed, you'll still need a light to see the page, just like a normal book.

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