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Thwart identity theft

gavel10045010.jpgThere are many different ways for people to protect themselves and their family members from identity theft. This article discusses several of these tips to help people keep their identity and personal finances safe from thieves.

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Protecting your valuables against theft

clip71731932.jpgYou work hard to earn enough money for a nice home, and nice things to fill it with. Do not waste that effort by being stupid about protecting it from theft. Burglaries happen, and more often than you might imagine. This means that no one is exempt, but there are some things you can do to decrease your chances of being burglarized:

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How to fight identity theft

accountant37004036.jpgIdentity theft can ruin your credit, but it can also complicate your life for years to come. Becoming a victim of identity theft can make your life difficult because you have to spend hours trying to restore your good name, but it can also affect your ability to open new lines of credit. Luckily, there are some things that you can do to fight identity theft, so that you do not become the next victim.

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What mergers mean financially

When companies merge it means a whole new beginning in many ways.It means changes within two different companies and also the birth of new ideas.Also means changes financially.

There are many people that will be affected financially by a merger.These include the company that is purchasing the other company, the company that is being purchased, and also the stock holders of both of the companies.

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Five tips to handle getting sued

Having a lawsuit come your way can through a huge kink into your business plan.How you handle that suit will also affect your business.Make sure that you know how to handle getting sued the right way.

Here are five tips that will help you to deal with a law suit.

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Tax considerations for LLCs

People who are starting a new business will have to decide whether they want to be established as a corporation or as a limited liability company (LLC).This decision can be difficult for a variety of reasons.While doing research about each type of company, business people should always be sure to look at the tax considerations for LLCs.

Only Taxed Once

Members of an LLC are only taxed one time for their income if they have not chosen to be taxed as a corporation.This differs from a corporation in that a corporation's income is taxed and then the shareholders are all taxed for the profits they earn from the company.An obvious benefit to only having their profits taxed once is that the company itself is never taxed at what could be a higher rate; instead each individual member is taxed at their own individual rate.

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How to keep things organized in case of an audit

In business, there are many uncertainties, but one there is one thing that is sure to happen sooner or later, and that is that you will be audited. You may have your tax submissions audited by the IRS, or you may have your financial systems and processes by and auditing firm. Audits can be a headache, and if you are not organized, they can be a very big deal. But you can take some of the stress out an auditing experience by being organized and well prepared.

The best way, or maybe the only way for you to organize your business so that you will be ready without having to scramble to come up with the required data is to make effective recordkeeping a part of your business processes. You need an accounting system that can effectively keep track of expenses that are related to your taxes. You need an effective document management system so that receipts, invoices, and other important documents, can be retrieved with the click of the mouse on your computer. If you are still using hard copy documents, and putting them into filing cabinets, stop now! You may want to retain the original document, but scan all your hard copy documents, and assign them a document identifier so that your accounting or financial system can easily be linked to these documents for fast and easy retrieval. Now in the 21st century, there is just no excuse for not doing this.

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The top five legal things you need to know about being audited

No one wants to be audited. And while your chances of being audited by the IRS are pretty slim (only about one percent of Americans are audited each year), it still helps to know how to avoid audits and, in the event that you are audited, you know your legal rights.

What are the chances of being audited?

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Audit preparation for big business

Audit.IRS.Taxes.Those three words can strike fear into the heart of any business owner.No one wants to be audited.No one likes paying taxes.But unfortunately, they are a fact of life.So just in case you're ever audited, here's how to prepare your big business for a tax audit.

When most people think of an Internal Revenue Service tax audit, they think of coming face-to-face with an IRS auditor who snuck into your office, waiting to pounce on you and your incorrect tax forms.However, about one-third of IRS tax audits are in the form of letters requesting explanations for various tax items on a tax return or supporting documentation.Many people also panic when they hear the words "tax audit."But don't worry.Chances are good that you were simply selected randomly to be audited, not chosen because of something that looked sneaky or shady to them.

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What to do when customers won't pay what is owed

Do you have customers who won't pay what they owe you?Do you have problems collecting on accounts that are past due?Here are some guidelines that can help you know how you can deal with those unfortunate incidents when your customers don't quite live up to their agreements and they won't pay you what they owe to you and to your company.

1.Protect yourself before you even run into problems

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