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Protecting your valuables against theft

clip71731932.jpgYou work hard to earn enough money for a nice home, and nice things to fill it with. Do not waste that effort by being stupid about protecting it from theft. Burglaries happen, and more often than you might imagine. This means that no one is exempt, but there are some things you can do to decrease your chances of being burglarized:

1. Thieves are usually someone who has been to your home, to deliver something, working with the landscaping crew, etc. So, this means if you are having something delivered to your home, keep valuables out of sight. It also means that after a delivery is made, be diligent about locking doors, windows, etc. to make it more difficult for a thief to get in.

2. If you let a yard worker into your home to use the restroom, you up your chances of burglary, as they may unlatch a window, or case out the floor plan to determine which rooms to burgle. Simply decline the request, professional companies should not be using your restroom. If you can't deny the request, show them all the way to the bathroom, and wait within sight of it to escort them back out. Check the bathroom window after they have left.

3. Leaving items of worth in your yard may indicate to a burglar that you have items of worth inside. For example, a razor scooter in the yard may indicate a video gaming system in the house. So, keep your yard clean of items that might hint at what is inside. This includes your garbage. Break down packaging so that it is not as obvious that you have a brand new big screen television, etc.

4. If you are out of town, ask someone to check your house for fliers, papers, etc. as thieves look for them to build up, and may even leave a pizza flyer on your door to see how long it takes you to remove it.

5. If it snows and you are out of town, your house sticks out like a sore thumb because there are not tracks in the snow or car tracks, so pay a neighbor kid to shovel your snow, or at the very least to walk from the door to the road. Additionally, be sure to set your alarm, and leave a few lights on.

6. Make sure your alarm control pad is not within view of decorative glass on the door, it is easy for a thief to see if it is set to on. It is going to make their job a lot easier if they can look and see the alarm is off, and all they have to do is force the door, or break a window.

7. Thieves often knock on your door, and if you answer they may ask for directions, to use your restroom, etc. Say no to the bathroom, and be extra careful to protect your house, set the alarm, lock up, etc. if you get one of these requests. If you are at all suspicious, call your local law enforcement so they can keep an eye out.

8. Bad weather does not mean your house won't be burglarized, so always lock up. Often bad weather acts as a cover for thieves, so be extra diligent during a storm.

9. A safe that is not bolted down or too large to carry does not protect your stuff, a thief will just take the whole safe, and break into in private.

10. If you are going out of town, leave your television on. This may deter a thief far more than an alarm system, or a lock. The fear of being caught by a person is greater.

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