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Secured and Unsecured

If your business is going to take a loan out, whether it is for equipment or overhead, or inventory, or something else entirely, it is important to understand the various loan options available to you. One of the most important aspects to consider is whether or not you are going to apply for secured or unsecured loans. They both offer benefits, but the cost to borrow varies, as well as the term, amount you can borrow, etc. Here's what you should know about secured and unsecured loans:

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Reduce your vulnerability with these simple tips

manwithdatebook23291499.jpgWith so many banks limiting the amount of money that is being lent to their customers, how can you ensure that you are reducing your vulnerability so you don't need to rely on credit to get by? There are a lot of things you can do that will keepyour business running the way it should, which means you won't end up with your cash flow in the red.

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Business finance consultants

manlookingatwatch7621367.jpgA business finance consultant can help you and your business in many ways if you are willing to take their advice and implement it.A consultant will help you look objectively at the strengths and weaknesses of your business and could provide the one piece of advice that will really help things take off for you.They will help you analyze every aspect of your business finances and help determine where too much is being dedicated.A good business finance consultant also understand that you need to spend money if you want to make money and they can provide you with some suggestions for areas where you may be underfinanced or not dedicating enough money to initiate the growth you want.

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Writing checks, safeguards

bills39158685.jpgMost people think that writing checks is safer than using a credit or debit card, but the fact is that problems can occur when you write checks. When you are writing checks the best thing that you can do to help safeguard your personal information is to learn some safeguards for writing checks. Here are some tips that you can follow for safer check writing.

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Putting together an Estate Plan

businessnegoations19314770.jpgMany people are concerned about what will happen to their assets and wealth once they pass away.Most people wish to control where that wealth goes.Some people leave everything to a spouse or their children, while others may wish to leave everything to their favorite charitable organization.Others wish to protect their pets that may survive them.Here is an overview of different estate planning options to consider when putting together an estate plan.

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Protecting your valuables against theft

clip71731932.jpgYou work hard to earn enough money for a nice home, and nice things to fill it with. Do not waste that effort by being stupid about protecting it from theft. Burglaries happen, and more often than you might imagine. This means that no one is exempt, but there are some things you can do to decrease your chances of being burglarized:

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How to protect your business finances from fraud

safe23356935.jpg We are continually being warned about identity theft and how to protect our personal accounts, but there is not much said about business owners protecting their companies and accounts against fraudulent activity.Payment fraud continue to be a challenge among businesses and banks, and check fraud among one of the highest with businesses.Here are some tips on how to protect your business finances from fraud.

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Is your accountant skimming off the top? How to know.

Have you noticed your finances reducing? Have you noticed that something wasn't quite right with your finances. Do you think your accountant is stealing money? How do you know if you accountant is stealing money and if they are how can you protect your account?

No matter what you should know your companies finances. Sadly, it is a problem in today's world that accountant's are stealing money from their companies. They can steal money easily since you aren't in control of the day to day finances. You should know some ways on how to protect your account.

Research states that many accountants steal money from their companies because they hold a personal grudge or vengeance against the boss or the company. They also steal because it is easy and they have no moral to resist easy money. Your accountant can steal from your inventory and assets, from petty cash fund, they can steal from deposits, and even directly from your checking account.

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How to ensure no one in your accounting department is embezzling

When it comes to embezzling, a lot of businesses think that it could never happen to them - but it can.Even though we all would like to think that our employees are honest and upright, it is better to be smart and protect yourself from embezzling happening to you.A lot of the business embezzlements happen in the accounting department, because business accountants are usually the ones that are responsible for managing most of the business expenses.Here are a couple of ways that you can ensure that no one in your accounting department is embezzling:

1. Cross train your employees:One of the best ways that you can prevent someone in your accounting department from embezzling is to cross train the employees in the accounting department.Make multiple people in charge of doing multiple functions.This means that these people will be able to cross check and audit each other's work.Not only does this help to ensure that no on in your accounting department is embezzling, but it also makes sure that all of the processes are being followed correctly.This way, you can eliminate mistakes and protect your money at the same time!

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