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Obtaining Six Sigma certification

bills39158685.jpgSix Sigma certification provides employees with documented proof that they truly understand how to standardize capabilities that work towards the elimination of defects. Once an individual is Six Sigma certified, they can teach others how to use Six Sigma to reduce their product defects. Depending upon where you are Six Sigma certified, you may or may not be able to learn the skills needed to properly implement Six Sigma. Usually you are only certified on particular subject matter like Master Black Belts, Green Belts, Champions, etc.

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Key steps in Six Sigma training

businessnegoations19314770.jpgImplementing Six Sigma can take several months to complete. Since the cost of Six Sigma is pretty expensive, several companies have begun developing their own Six Sigma training programs so they can properly train their employees. Major Universities are also offering Six Sigma certification courses to keep up with the demand from customers.

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Getting the Six Sigma ball rolling

excerciseball30457601.jpgWhen it comes to Six Sigma implementation, you need to have successful managers implement to program. They are in charge of encouraging others to change the way they currently think about the manufacturing process to make the company more successful. To get the Six Sigma ball rolling, try some of the following tips:

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Six sigma green belts

whitebelt30747305.JPGIf you work in the world of manufacturing, you've no doubt heart of six sigma. Many manufacturing companies implement six sigma into their workflow to improve their processes and quality.

Six sigma is a well-known process that works to provide tools and techniques, often statistical, to identify and then rectify problems within an organization. By using six sigma methods, many companies can improve the overall quality and capability of their products while reducing defects and any process that contributes to waste.

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Where to find six sigma training and certification material

accountant37004036.jpgThe method of six sigma involves providing businesses with the necessary tools to increase their overall performance and customer satisfaction. This is done by mathematically analyzing various forms of data and information, then using it to anticipate the needs of their customers. The overall goal of Six Sigma is to increase a company's profits by identifying and then eliminating factors that contribute to waste and customer dissatisfaction.

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How to Get an ISO Certification


ISO Certification, what is it? How do you get it? In today's market most manufacturers know the value of ISO certification and the negative implications of failing to meet these international quality standards. What many do not know though is how to get one, or really just how important it is to be ISO certified.

ISO certification is a must for any manufacturing company to compete, bid and win business in a tough global economy. So, why isn't everyone ISO certified? Well, the following are a few of the reasons some manufacturers are not.Either there is a lack of commitment from top management, insufficient financing to get certification, poor training or understanding and planning, or simply an overall perception that certification is too expensive and unattainable.

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