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Getting the Six Sigma ball rolling

excerciseball30457601.jpgWhen it comes to Six Sigma implementation, you need to have successful managers implement to program. They are in charge of encouraging others to change the way they currently think about the manufacturing process to make the company more successful. To get the Six Sigma ball rolling, try some of the following tips:

Tip # 1 - Set Goals
One of the best ways to get the Six Sigma ball rolling is to define small areas that need attention. Set some goals for your Black Belts, Master Black Belts, and your deployment leader. These individuals must be given enough authority that helps them properly implement Six Sigma and assign project to the yellow belts.

The deployment leader is in charge of the deployment plan, which causes others to find a need for Six Sigma. Their job is to force the need for Six Sigma to everyone else within the company. This is actually a difficult project because it is hard to change the mentalities of other workers, especially if they like the current way the manufacturing process works.

The goals are used to help the company look for ways to remove obstacles in the manufacturing process. If employees are unable to perform their jobs due to improper organization, the deployment leader is in charge of fixing this problem. They can use additional tools of the Six Sigma process in order to fix small problems that relate to employee performance.

In order for the goals to work, you need to pick a deployment leader that is respected by everyone within the company. This person is responsible for brining a change to the company and it will be difficult for them to do this if they do not have the trust and respect of their co-workers.

Tip # 2 - Choose Black Belts
The Black Belts play a big role in the Sic Sigma program. You need to select Black Belts that have the ability to dedicate 100% of their time to Six Sigma or else the program will not be successful. It is important to have your Black Belts properly trained in Six Sigma as they are responsibility for training other members within the company. You should pay for their Black Belt certification if they do not already have it.

A Black belt must have organizational skills and they must be respected by their co-workers. Their job is to convince others of the benefits of the Six Sigma program and provide them with information as to why the company is in a better position now than it was 6 months ago. Their job is to change the mentalities of the employees so they quit resisting change. A Black Belt also needs critical thinking skills along with the ability to achieve efficiency. Since they are working with yellow and green belts, they need to have good people skills. They are also in charge of training the green belts and helping them change their mindset about Six Sigma.

Tip # 3 - Choose a Master Black Belt
The final step you need to take to get the Six Sigma ball rolling is to select a Master Black Belt. This individual is extremely important to the company because they come with Six Sigma certification and they are responsible for removing some of the barriers the company may face within corporate roles and responsibilities. They need to work with upper management, but they must be careful not to step on the toes of upper management. Their job is to identify a problem, create a solution, and implement it as soon as possible. By properly implementing these 3 tips, you can get your companies Six Sigma program up and running within a few months.

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