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E-commerce, how to use it to benefit your marketing

When people hear the term e-commerce they tend to think of selling items online, but what they do not realize is that e-commerce covers a wider area than just internet sales. E-commerce, which means electronic commerce, means any form of business that is done electronically and it can range from making online payments, electronic payroll, using email, marketing your business on the internet, as well as many more. Here are some benefits for e-commerce as it relates to your company's marketing.
Benefit one:
It can make your company look bigger than it really is which can help keep your company in competition with the larger companies who sell the same products, as well as help you attract and keep new customers. In order to accomplish this you are going to need to have a very well designed and presented website.

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Blogging Advice - Give Your Readers What They Want

Web gives a lot of exposure; weblog stabilizes the exposure with a profound purpose. The purpose of a Weblog is to complement e-newsletters, serving readers in a way that extends a blogger's expertise and leadership in the market.

So, what is it that is expected from a blog A blog is considered to be a place to inform and to be informed. Straight talk is what readers consider to be an ideal blog message. Straight talk is a four or five sentence of direct, informative content about a specific issue or bit of news.

Blogs consists of human expressions and is expected to have a soulful purpose. Blog posts are expected to be a personal post, as it can convey blogger's emotions. So, these messages are mostly written in first person singular and are rich in emotions. Blogs are also expected to provide details from the writer's life: missed flights, break-ups, rodents under the stove, computer breakdowns, muggings, and tamale recipes and more.

A blogger should always remember that if there are doubts that readers will discount the article entirely based on its context; they shouldn't consider linking it at all.

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Targeting "Locals" on Search Engines

Surprisingly, 22 million small- and medium-sized businesses spend 46% of their advertising budgets on Yellow Pages marketing and allocate only 3% for search engine keywords.If you or your clients have a click-and-mortar or brick-and-mortar business and are not taking advantage of the new local search engine marketing (SEM) programs, you are missing out on highly targeted traffic for a fraction of the price of national SEM.

A New Kelsey Group survey of 3,887 online consumers in early September revealed the following:

-- More than 74% of survey respondents said that they had conducted local searches

-- Among local search users, 27% of their total search behavior is for local information

-- Approximately 45% of local searches had a buying intent

-- The survey also found that 20% of all searches among this population are local Google or Overture

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Blog Your Customers

Blogging is the newest method and fastest growing trend for businesses to connect with their customers because the blogs (web logs) allow customers and businesses to instantly publish to theweb to share ideas, concepts and news.

So, What Is a Blog Directly from the people who started blogs at www.Blogger.com, "A blog is a web page made up of usually short, frequently updated posts that are arranged chronologically-like a what's new page or a journal. The content and purposes of blogs varies greatly-from links and commentary about other web sites, to news about a company/person/idea, to diaries, photos, poetry, mini-essays, project updates, even fiction. Blog posts are like instant messages to the web."

How Businesses Are Blogging With Their Customers

Companies are using the blogs is some highly creative ways! Check out
these four examples:

- Nokia
Nokia recently used https://www.projectblog.com to find ten bloggers, who they asked to take pictures with a free new Nokia 3560 phone, along with two months of cell service. Eight of the ten bloggers posted positive reviews on the blog. This fall, Nokia intends to roll out a bigger campaign at five colleges where advertising students will make a 30-second Nokia commercial and journal their progress on their own blogs hosted on a Nokia microsite.

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What Are The Barriers of Implementing E-Commerce Solutions

What is electronic commerce

"Electronic commerce is about doing business electronically. It is based on the electronic processing and transmission of data, including text, sound and video. It encompasses many diverse activities including electronic trading of goods and services, online delivery of digital content, electronic fund transfers, electronic share trading, electronic bills of lading, commercial auctions, collaborative design and engineering, on-line sourcing, public procurement, direct consumer marketing, and after-sales service. It involves both products (e.g. consumer goods, specialized medical equipment) and services (e.g. information services, financial and legal services); traditional activities (e.g. healthcare, education) and new activities (e.g. virtual malls)." (European Commission, 1997).

Web commerce transactions are often unprofitable because companies fail to change their back-end fulfillment process. Below are some fallacies, in order of importance:

Our logistics operation can handle web commerce fulfillment

We can now sell effectively around the globe

Our existing supplier relationship will support e-commerce applications

We are selling over the web so we must be making money over the web

We can always integrate e-commerce solutions with our existing activities

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Search Engine Optimization the Easy way

Over the years search engines have become "the" way in which people navigate the Internet. Searches are conducted by the millions each day on websites such as yahoo.com, msn.com, google.com, excite.com and others. Some of these sites are structured as true search engines and others are organized as directories however most utilize similar methodologies for identifying sites to be listed ad the ranking with which they are displayed.

Directories vs. Search Engines

Both Search Engines and Directories start with a a basic search input text box to allow you to search for the information you want. The primary difference in a directory is that as a user you may also choose to browse the sites listing in a organized format by category. Many such directories (Yahoo.com for example) charge a fee to be listed in their directory.

Search engines alternatively display listings based upon your search text input in combination with a placement algorithm which varies from search engine to search engine. They do not normally categorize your search results nor can you drill through categories to reach the desired information or site.

The difference here is relatively minor one as the goal of every website is to present it's message to as many relevant users as possible in the shortest period of time. Both directories and search engines are the primary method to accomplish this and to succeed ion this area placement is the key.

Who is at the top and why

Placement is the order in which site listings or links are displayed on each directory or search engine. There are two primary types of placement those being paid and free. Although paid listing are becoming more and more prevalent and are normally presented prior "free" listings, for the purposes of this article we will discuss only the "free" type of listings and their placement.

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Seven Deadly Newsletter Sins (and How to Cure Them)

Newsletters can be great communication tools, but they take work. Here's a quick list of common problems newsletters run into and how to fix them.

1.The snooze-letter -- a newsletter so boring it puts readers to sleep.

Cure: Find out what your readers want to know and write about it.Keep the tone lively.Don't know what readers want Ask!

2.Audience too broad - a newsletter with a broad audience (customers, employees and distributors, for example) may meet no one's needs very well or might meet one group's needs while ignoring the others.

Cure: Different audiences = different information needs = different newsletters. Your newsletter will be better read if it provides information that's relevant to the specific audience.

3.Too long - Most folks are strapped for time. They won't tackle a long newsletter.

Cure: Keep your newsletter short. (1-2 pages an issue )

4.I have a friend.... - Everyone has a friend, relative, spouse, or whatever who knows something about marketing and/or communication. Doesn't mean they know anything about newsletters. The results include poor writing, poor design, poor targeting, and poor performance.

Cure: Use people with newsletter experience.

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How to Profit from your Home Business Blog

A blog is a simple tool which all affiliate marketers should be utilising to explode their affiliate sales.

I set up my blog in about 15 minutes at https://www.blogger.com it's a completely free service, and it's really easy to set-up. I followed directions on an excellent article on getting a new website listed in Google in 48hrs check it out here, https://www.scamfreezone.com/gg/. I just followed the advice in the article and got started with no problems in no time.

I've been doing a lot of research with regards to blogging and came across a case of a 19 year old kid who was making something ridiculous like $50,000 a year with a blog on mobile phones, from his bedroom! So clearly there is a good earning potential through blogs, but they do take time to grow and build up a readership. Treat your blog as a marathon not a sprint, because it will take time.

Blogs provide a very simple, quick and easy means to add fresh content to your website. As I'm sure you've heard many times over 'content is king' in the search engines eyes and if you can provide high quality, regularly updated content your website should benefit with regards to your search engine ranking.

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7 Pitfalls of Using Email to Sell

* Are you sending e-mails to prospects instead of calling them

* Is e-mail your selling medium of choice because it lets you avoid the rejection that you dread when you make real cold calls

* Do you wait and wait for return e-mails from prospects that will give you the green light to move the sales process forward

Sad but true, these days most people who sell for a living spend 80% of their time trying to communicate with prospects via e-mail instead of actually picking up the phone and speaking with them. Are you one of those people If so, you aren't alone...but do you understand why you've turned to e-mail instead of personal contact I think there are 2 core reasons that underlie this unfortunate trend:

* Fear of rejection. The sheer negative force of anticipating rejection makes people turn to e-mail to generate new prospect relationships because it hurts less to not get a reply than to hear that verbal "no."

* Getting blocked by gatekeepers and voicemail. When salespeople don't know how to break through the barriers of gatekeepers and voicemail, they start thinking, "Forget it -- it's not worth the aggravation, and it takes too much energy. I'll just e-mail instead."

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Blog Your Customers

Blogging is the newest method and fastest growing trend for businesses to connect with theircustomers because the blogs (web logs) allow customers and businesses to instantly publish to theweb to share ideas, concepts and news.

So, What Is a Blog Directly from the people who started blogs at www.Blogger.com, "A blog is a web page made up of usually short, frequently updated posts that are arranged chronologically-like a what's new page or a journal. The content and purposes of blogs varies greatly-from links and commentary about other web sites, to news about a company/person/idea, to diaries, photos, poetry, mini-essays, project updates, even fiction. Blog posts are like instant messages to the web."

How Businesses Are Blogging With Their Customers

Companies are using the blogs is some highly creative ways! Check out these four examples:

- Nokia Nokia recently used https://www.projectblog.com to find ten bloggers, who they asked to take pictures with a free new Nokia 3560 phone, along with two months of cell service. Eight of the ten bloggers posted positive reviews on the blog. This fall, Nokia intends to roll out a bigger campaign at five colleges where advertising students will make a 30-second Nokia commercial and journal their progress on their own blogs hosted on a Nokia microsite.

- Nick Usborne Nick Usborne, copywriting expert, author and consultant, hosts a blog for his tremendous following where he enthusiastically points out new trends, theory and discussions at https://nickusborne.typepad.com/.

- AYA Convention - AYA, an association for pilots, created an International Convention blog, which is a perfect example of an event blog. Their convention took place June 26-29, 2000, and their blog documents the activities and participants at https://www.aya.org/aya2000/daily/.

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3 Proven Money-Making Ventures Online

Today is your lucky day. Because I'm going to show you 3 proven money-makers online. Each of these 3 easy-to-start schemes are proven and backed up by tens of successful stories. What these strategies have in common is they will require zero or next to zero investment of your hard-earned money, except, of course, for Internet connection or electricity.

These strategies won't even require you to have or support your own website, but that doesn't mean that their potential is somehow limited.

Auction big-ticket items opportunity.

You have no need to be a guru to try selling big-ticket item that may be anything from ancient coin and cars - to diamonds and mansions. Of course, you don't have to own them personally. You can just become a reseller and post your eBay lot on behalf of the actual owner.

What you will do need to spend your time on is research. You obviously don't feel like loosing eBay listing fees, so good research on the subject matter is compulsory.

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10 Ways To Get More Profit From Your E-zine

Publishing an e-zine will help you to strengthen your status as an expert in your field and convert more of your visitors into customers.

The following tips will provide you with ways to successfully increase the revenue you get from publishing your own e-zine:

1. Write your own articles.

Writing articles will help you to connect with your readers, share your knowledge, and promote your business through your resource box.

If you have an affiliate program, let your subscribers as well as your other affiliates reprint your articles with their affiliate URLs in your resource box.

You'll be able get more of your readers and visitors to join your affiliate program and successfully promote your business.

2. Include testimonials for your products or services within your e-zine.

Your testimonials will increase your readers' confidence in your product. Include testimonials from your customers and also from other experts in your field.

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How To Use RSS Feeds In Your Marketing

It was Friday night. I finished reading a book about RSS feeds. Quickly set up one for my site, submitted it on directories and went to bed.

Sunday morning, I noticed a sale. Idly, I scanned my logs to see where the buyer had found me.

It was from Yahoo! Now that may not seem surprising, except... I had not been listed in Yahoo! before.

Curious, I did a Yahoo! Search for my domain name... and almost fainted in shock! There were 123 of my pages listed - many of them in the top 10 ranks on my best keywords.

My RSS feed had been listed within 48 hours - and since my other pages were linked from it, they had all been indexed by Yahoo! just as quickly. And for free!

Since then I have heard many others share similar experiences. It is no fluke. RSS is H-O-T. And search engines LOVE it.

So what is RSS An acronym for Really Simple Syndication, it is a web language format designed to help syndicate content across different sources.

RSS has been around for more than 10 years but has only recently become popular. RSS feeds provide headlines and summaries of information in a concise and standardized way.

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10 Valuable Tips For Ezine Publishers

1. Write your own articles.

Your articles will give you an effective way to build up your status as an expert by sharing your tips and advice with your readers.

Your articles will also help you to effectively promote your business through your resource box at the end of your articles.

Use your articles to get more subscribers by submitting them to article directories and announcement lists with a resource box that promotes your ezine.

2. Recommend the products of affiliate programs you've joined to your subscriber base.

If you've earned the trust of your subscribers your recommendations will help you to successfully increase your commissions.

Only recommend products you can honestly vouch for and that you believe can meet your subscribers' needs.

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Eddie the Erroneous E-Marketer

Poor Eddie the e-marketer has been plagued by errors in judgment all his life. From always picking the longest line at the toll booth to buying lots of dot com stocks right before the bubble burst, he constantly struggles with making the right choices. From disagreeing that a car really needs oil changes every three thousand miles to insisting that the eight-track is going to make a comeback, Eddie bumbles through life perplexed. One area that particularly suffers is his e-marketing efforts.

You see, Eddie recently got himself a new website for his business. Unfortunately, he's been trying in vain to turn it into a vehicle for getting leads and making sales. He's confused. He's dazed. He thrashes about lost in a maze. Although he at least understands the importance of e-marketing for driving traffic to his site, he's like a hamster running on a wheel, wasting energy and getting nowhere. Let's take a look at a few of the more typical e-marketing errors Eddie regularly makes.

Treat the Web as a different medium

The other day his business partner, Betty, showed Eddie a recent half-page ad they ran in one of their industry's magazines. Eddie, excited at how pretty the pictures were, wanted it up on their website pronto. Did he alter it in any way before they posted it to the site Did he add a specific call to action hyperlink in it Did he optimize the large print graphics so they would download fast in people's browsers Nope. He just took the ad, as is, and posted it. Eddie has never been able to grasp the idea that traditional marketing and e-marketing, while related, are not the same thing. What works in print doesn't always work online. Why Different mediums require different approaches. Look for Eddie's static magazine ad in his first TV commercial, just the motionless ad on the screen for thirty seconds. Riveting.

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Avoid the Bottomless Pit of Failed Internet Promotions

Did you realize there are only three types of online promotion... This statement may seem odd and even untrue in your mind, but I am speaking in more general terms than you might be thinking.

Let me explain.

The three types of promotion are Junk, Active and Passive promotions.


Junk promotions are those that seem to produce results, but by their very nature are really only illusionary promotions.

For example, let me begin with FFA (Free For All) pages. You might find yourself subscribing to a submission program that tricks you into believing you are submitting your links to tens of thousands search engines.

According to the Open Directory website, they have only approved 1705 search engines and directories for inclusion in their database (https://dmoz.org/Computers/Internet/Searching/).

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How To Use Database Marketing To Skyrocket Your Online Profits

Here's some simple yet POWERFUL ideas on how to use Database Marketing to skyrocket your online profits...which will have a GREAT effect on your bottom line.

Database Marketing is the gathering and storing of specific information about your prospects or customers. This information is usually stored in a database program on your computer. You would then use the information to market and advertise to them. It can save you time and money because you can target your promotional efforts to your best prospects or customers.

The Types Of Information To Collect

The information will vary depending on the product or service you're selling. If you're selling a product that costs $2 you wouldn't collect information about their yearly income. If you're selling web space you wouldn't collect information about what type of books they read. The basic information you need would be all their contact information, purchase history, and birthday. You will need to decide what other information would benefit your business.

How To Collect This Information Online

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7 Secrets To Top Search Engine Rankings (Yes, Even #1 Positions!) For SEO Dummies

There's hope for the 'little guys' in the search engine ranking game, even if they can't tell the difference between the title and keyword meta tag!

You can achieve high rankings for important keywords simply by applying certain rules that stand the test of time and even technology...and the number one rule is really to...

...Help the search engines provide relevant search results!

How do you do this I'll reveal the 'secrets' soon.

While I'm far from being an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert and am just sharing experiences here, I've achieved some phenomenal results by following these basic rules and without resorting to 'tricks'. Importantly, these are rankings that last.

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5 Ways To Increase Website Traffic To Your Website

Millions of websites online can be placed in their own special category of "Deserted Town". The only life you can find there are those of the webmasters who created them. This is because they get very few, if any, targeted visitors. For these website owners, there are simple techniques they can use to increase website traffic.

Read on and I will give you five ways to increase website traffic to your website. These aren't hidden secrets and they won't give you millions of hits per month for just $ 9.99. (I'm sure you know what I mean). However they are effective and using them will increase website traffic to your website. And the visitors that you get will be more profitable because they will be targeted.

Increase Website Traffic

You can pay to increase website traffic. (I've decided to get the money spending out of the way first). There are many ways you can pay to increase website traffic; here are three (3) popular ones.

pay-per-click ezine ads website ads

Before you use any of these paying methods to increase website traffic to your website, I want you to first examine your website with your ideal customer in mind. What keywords will they use to find your website in the search engines Write them down.

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Success Stories: $1 Million His First Year

Here's a success story for you: Launch a site in January, be making $120,000 per month by May.

Pretty impressive, huh

Not only that, he claims virtually anyone can duplicate his methods and have similar results. Maybe you won't make a million your first year, but would it be so bad to hit $300 or $400K Yeah, I thought so.

Who is this wunderkind Brad Fallon of MyWeddingFavors.com.

Brad was, by trade, a search engine optimization expert. When I first heard that I thought, "OK, now I get it. If you are an SE Expert you can accomplish this."

Brad dismisses that notion. "I can teach almost anyone to get similar results in just an hour and a half."

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eBay Anything Points: Useful

Anything Points (AP) are an incentive eBay has created as a way for sellers to motivate buyers. An AP is worth one penny towards anything on eBay, including: fees, items, etc. Since it is a straight one-to-one trade (one penny from the seller to the buyer), there is no money "created" for this incentive.

The way it works is very simple. As a seller, you ad incentive to your item listings by offering so many APs per dollar of bidding. In other words, if you were to offer, say, one point per dollar spent and if the item ends at $6, the buyer gets six APs. The APs are only collected if the auction is paid via PayPal. When the APs are rewarded to the buyer, the seller is charged one penny per AP given.

I've been trying this out on my own auctions for about two weeks now. Adding the AP offer to your auction is easy: you log into the AP Offer Manager (via your seller screens) and choose how many to give per dollar and which auctions (or all) to ad them to. Easy!

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Swapping Ads and Articles For Fr~ee Promotion

Once you start publishing an email newsletter or ezine, a world of fr~ee promotion opportunities will instantly appear. You would have to spend hundreds in advertising to get the same exposure that using just a few fr~ee promotion methods will produce.

Submitting your newsletter to the right online directories will let other publishers know you're out there. When you can get a reader base of around 2500, other publishers will start contacting you with joint venture proposals. Combine these opportunities with the ones that you actively search out, and you will have a lot of fr~ee promotion on your hands. Effective online promotion turns into targeted visitors to your website. Lots of them.

Swapping original articles with a newsletter publisher that targets the same market as you can produce some of the highest quality leads you can get. These readers have now been exposed to your writing style and message. If they like what you have to say, they will click on the link in your author bio at the end of the article to find out more.

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Landing Page Optimization Techniques Lower Acquisition Costs

Any marketer that has been involved in search engine marketing and search engine optimization understands the never-ending quest to attract customers at a reasonable cost. With acquisition costs that can rise to $60 to $100 per customer or more, there is a constant demand for better word lists, better bidding, and better ad copy to compel click-throughs on the meatiest words.

The reality is that there often simply is not enough highly affordable traffic to sustain business growth unless the marketer optimizes the landing page offer as well as the search terms and makes them work as a team!

Search Engine Marketing works -- provided you are selling a product that has some demand, that is priced reasonably, and that you are able to satisfy the basics of security and fulfillment. We can buy product names, brand names, and other hot terms that are very specific to a product we specialize in, and qualified customers will find us.

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Beautiful Web Sites Seldom Make More Sales

Designing an E-commerce Web site is not as simple as having a "pretty" site that is a pleasure to visit. While it is important to have an attractive site, as much thought must be given to functionality as to appearance.

Many Web designers seem to focus more on appearance than functionality, and while an attractive site is helpful, visitors that become frustrated by the inability of a site to function well, will leave almost immediately, never to return!

Just as important in designing an e-commerce-style Web site, is a somewhat basic knowledge of Web site design, with some simple design skills included. While a thorough knowledge of design and functionality is not important, designing an e-commerce site does have some requirements, or else you'll always find yourself going back relentlessly and changing the features and functionality in a vain effort to stay abreast of your site visitor's needs.

E-commerce sites need to focus on some main areas of functionality in order to ensure maximum sales:

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The 2 Best-Kept Secrets Of The Internet

It's a difficult task creating a website that brings you business. It's a full-time job where things seem easy at first but as soon as you start to explore the possibilities and appreciate the complexity of the task at hand it can soon start taking up ever increasing amounts of your time. There is a plethora of people out there offering you conflicting advice and it's often difficult to know what to focus on.

This article cuts through all that and reveals to you the two most important things you need to know about creating a website that brings more profit to your business..

Secret Number 1 - Information

Yes - that's all it is - information. Just think about this for a minute - what is the sole reason for anyone surfing any website anywhere across the world Every single one of them is looking for just one thing - information. The information might take the form of text, an image, a sound file or whatever but at the end of the day it is information. This is the first biggest and best-kept secret of success on the internet and now you know it!

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EZ traffic from Google and Yahoo Traffic

This is a sly traffic idea I got from my Kentucky cohort Garrett French. Garrett writes for WebProWorld.com.

Garrett and others in the search engine optimization forum noticed a large number of visits from people using either Google's image search:


or Yahoo's:


The basic idea is this: Some people-likely many-use the image search rather than a strict word search to find websites, products and other information they are interested in.

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How To Increase traffic and get a better rank on Google

You have a business you want to promote. You're looking for more traffic to your web site. But, how do you get that traffic and how do you get it for nothing

Here's a technique I use to increase web site traffic and get a better rank on Google. But, you need your own web site first. This won't work for your otherwise.

Having said that, even if you don't own a web site you should follow some of the steps here. The reason will become very clear nearer the end of this email.

What you are doing is researching for sites with a Google page rank of at least 4 and upwards that are relevant to the content of your site. Then link with them and have them link back to you.

To do this set up another page on your site for the purpose of including good quality links from other relevant sites.

Here's how to do it...

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Doing business online - Private B2B Exchanges

Business processes are the building blocks of an enterprise. If one of these processes fails to live up to its expectation, business starts to flounder. How to minimize the risks, get a better monitoring of the processes and, at the same time, reduce costs involved The answer is - business process automation.

Although, automated business processes based on online technologies can create incredible value to existing business, many companies are slow to adopt technological innovations and reap benefits from them. However, lately, things have started to change! According to a recent poll conducted among mid size companies shows 52 percent of respondents plan to spend over a million dollar on business process automation. Large companies - early adopters of online business processes - have been immensely profiting from the value created by process automation. Intel recently announced that it saved one billion dollar last year alone thanks to online business process management.

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Can You Really Make Money with Surf for Cash Programs

This article will focus on the Spedia Surf for Cash Program.

I first came across spedia.net from my Alexa Toolbar as a result of visiting another non related site. I was looking for programs to promote and spedia sounded good on the outside and I almost signed up in order to refer others into the program.

It all sounded too good to be true. The 5 level deep payout structure would ensure a decent income after some heavy promoting but my intuition told me to do a quick search for the term "spedia scam" and see if there was any negative spedia information around. The results speak for themselves.

An abundance of warnings and people's negative experiences with spedia. The most common complaints seem to be that they don't pay. Other complains include system crashes and spam if you cancel your account.

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Staying in Touch: Electronic Courtship and Other Rituals

Sometimes I bemoan the fact that we have all been scattered to the four winds by our modern transportation systems but have not been held together by those same systems.

Unless you are well-heeled or subsidized through your government or corporate position, air travel is too expensive for anymore than one or two trips per year, if that.

Staying in touch with loved ones is quite a chore. Not too many of us can simply walk up the street and visit our son or daughter for a cup of tea. Often family and close friends live miles away, separated by oceans and expensive travel costs!

My daughter in Holland will often call me - on my card - and "visit" for 45 minutes. If I become concerned about the cost of the phone call, Dana will say something like, "Well, you just took me out to dinner. O.K." But I still feel hungry and a phone call is not as satisfying as time spent together.

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8 Effective Ezine Publishing Tips To Put You Ahead Of The Game

1. Swap sponsor, feature, or solo ads with other ezine publishers.

Your swaps will create a win-win situation as both you and the other publisher will successfully get profitable promotion at no cost.

Swap your ads for at least three issues in a row or three solo ads for three solo ads to get the greatest results from these swaps.

2. Provide your visitors with a bonus for subscribing to your ezine such as access to your membership site, ebooks, a complimentary ad, or something else that your visitors would find to be valuable.

Increase the value your visitors place on your bonuses by telling them how much they would be worth if they were to pay for them or by making them available for only a limited amount of time.

3. Write articles.

Your articles will help you to establish yourself as an expert in your field and get more of your subscribers to visit your site.

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How To Really Make Money With Datafeed Merchants

I am not going to describe what a product feed (or a datafeed) is. There is a lot of information out there about how to use one to build sites. Instead, I want to talk about how you can actually make more sales with datafeed sites.

The program that I manage offers a product feed, and I get a chance to see a sad picture of many good affiliates wasting their potential.

Here is my advice from the affiliate manager's perspective.

Whenever you join (or think bout joining) a program, you need to look for two things: - Temporary or permanent opportunities - Flaws of a merchant

Here is an example of an opportunity that was created by an outside factor.

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Beyond Keyword Optimization

The rate of change online used to be fun. Chasing the cutting edge was an exciting occupation with limited accountability. But now ROI, quarterly budgets, and the need to grow sales AND profits have replaced the cutting edge as the object of our efforts. Yet despite the transition to more traditional business goals and outcomes, the rate change remains the same.

Take keyword buys. This is still a relatively new phenomena, and many businesses are only just beginning to develop an approach to extract the benefits. Nevertheless returns have already been compressed as the cost of key words has quickly been bid up to their marginal rates of return - and in some case beyond. The ease with which results can be tracked has allowed the market to be extremely efficient in pricing keywords, making it harder and harder for the buyers of words to generate a return.

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How To Publish a "Blog"... and why you should!

First, a quick definition for those who do not know what a Blog is. Quite simply, it's a Web Log. In other words, a regularly updated page of your thoughts, ideas, links - whatever.

It's very easy to publish a Blog these days and today I'm going to show you how in a few easy steps. Don't worry - all the sites, services and tools involved are free.

Before we go ahead I should first explain why a Blog is so usefull. A Blog provides a number of benefits to you and your site and all for very little effort.

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10 Things You Should Expect From Your Website Copywriter

As websites and electronic commerce are becoming more and more common, business owners and marketing managers are realising that quality web copy is every bit as important as impressive design. And with the ever increasing importance of search engine presence, the role of web copy has never been more critical.

But in such a relatively new field, customers are still coming to grips with what they can expect of their website copywriter. The question a lot of people are asking is, "How do I know I'll get what I pay for"

Before engaging a website copywriter for your next project, ask them whether they're able to provide you with the following ten essentials...

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The Art of Endorsement

Remember the old time circus announcer who would shout at all oncomers, "Step Right Up. . ." Well things haven't changed a whole lot since then. Today, every time you open your email, someone is telling you the very same thing. . .

"Step Right Up and See the Miraculous, Awe-Inspiring, Dynamic, Never-Before-Seen, Guaranteed-to-Save-You-Thousands-and-Make-You-Twice-as-Much-as-Anything-You've-Ever-Seen-Before, Super-Deluxe, All-Powerful, Amazingly-Simple-to-Use, User-Friendly, The One-the-Only, The Most Versitle, Stupendous, Fire-the-Boss, Crazy-to-Pass-Up, Can't-Live-Without, Handy-Dandy (insert product name here)!!!!!!

You see, the old time circus announcer had something on the ball. His entire purpose was to lure people into the Big Top by way of a highly motivational endorsement of the product. And it worked like a charm!

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