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Are water activated batteries the future?

Batteries are needed for just about everything. They are found in cars, iPods, watches, cell phones, etc. You name it; it probably has a battery somewhere inside. All these batteries that are being used aren't always disposed of correctly as most people just toss them in the trash. About 2.9 billion batteries are tossed out each year and it's the environment that pays the price for our hungry electric needs. This is why Japanese inventor Susumu Suzuki is working on an earth-friendly battery.

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Cut your heating bills with glass roof heating tiles

If you are like most Americans, your heating bill continues to go up each year. With the high cost of energy and millions of people looking for new ways to try and conserve energy, it has sparked a wave of re-insulating your home, installing solar panels, turning down the heat, and many other things. Something that has been used for years but is just starting to re-appear is using glass roof heating tiles. A glass roof will attract and trap the sunlight, keeping your home warmer and it's less likely to let the heat escape.

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How solar energy is changing everything

manreviewingnewspaper19312744.jpgThere are commercials all across the country with companies promoting solar energy. Trying to reduce our dependency on electricity and other high energy costs, solar energy seems to be everywhere. From the little garden lights in front of the walkway in your home to the solar energy cars and solar panes on homes, solar power really is changing the way the world lives.

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