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Are water activated batteries the future?

Batteries are needed for just about everything. They are found in cars, iPods, watches, cell phones, etc. You name it; it probably has a battery somewhere inside. All these batteries that are being used aren't always disposed of correctly as most people just toss them in the trash. About 2.9 billion batteries are tossed out each year and it's the environment that pays the price for our hungry electric needs. This is why Japanese inventor Susumu Suzuki is working on an earth-friendly battery.

He has been working on a water powered battery and it actually works! It has carbon-based compounds but it also has a small amount of water inside, which allows it to work correctly. You can actually use a wet paper towel to activate the battery or licking it can also do the trick. The water will activate the battery and provide you with output to power your device. It's similar to a rechargeable battery as it will need to be moistened again in the future to start powering up again.

The great part about water based batteries is that they last longer and Suzuki wants to release them for about 1/10th the cost of a traditional battery. It provides plenty of umph to run anything you need. While this is just a test project now with the AA battery, there are plans to produce it into C and D batteries to make sure it's still able to provide plenty of juice.

Water based batteries aren't the only new invention out there that is looking for new ways to protect the environment and cut down on Americans greedy habits for taking. There are flashlights out there that do not need batteries and you simply need to shake them for about 30 seconds before you will get a light. Of course you have to shake it again as the charge starts to wear out after a little while but a little bit of shaking it a lot easier and cheaper than buying and replacing batteries all the time.

Think if we could get rid of batteries entirely how much health we would provide to the environment. Since batteries are extremely toxic, they post threats to humans and animals alike. There are some facilities that will accept the recycled batteries so they can dispose of them properly. Since this isn't known large scale, most people just toss them in the trash and hope they don't explode while they are waiting for the garbage company to haul away the trash.

The frustrating thing about batteries is just how expensive they are. You can get a killer deal on a new remote control car or another cool device and wind up paying $19 or more for batteries that are necessary to run the new gadget or toy. This means you will end up adding an extra 25% or more to the total product cost when you purchase it. If you have kids and you have a lot of electronic toys, you know how quickly those costs can add up. Wouldn't it be nice to have some waterless batteries that last longer and aren't nearly as toxic to your kids?

Until water activated batteries are completely developed and tested, consumers are stuck with the alkaline batteries. Make sure you check the expiration dates on those batteries because a lot of people don't realize how dangerous they can be. They can leak and if it leaks inside your digital camera, say goodbye to that camera. The acid will destroy your camera and will also make it dangerous to you if the acid gets on your skin as it will leave you with a chemical burn.

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