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How Pinpoint technology can keep your finances secure

Since fraud is a growing problem, several programs have been launched to help keep your bank account information safe and to ensure no one is stealing your identity. Cell phones relay your information to satellites and it is possible to gather your location from your cell phone provider. With this type of location control out there it has caused some phone providers to look at how they can use this to their advantage by mapping your location and relaying it to your bank. This way when you have a transaction done, your cell phone connects with your bank to protect your identity and to show that it is you.

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Online computer backup

organizedoffice16487189.jpgIf you have installed anti-virus software that protects your computer from harmful malware and adware, you also need to consider backing up your computer files. Many people neglect to backup their computer files or they put it off and the day comes when a virus infiltrates your system and completely wrecks your hard drive or you could lose everything because the computer suddenly crashes. Online computer backup is a great way to backup your files as you can access them from anywhere else in the world. You don't need a disk, flash drive, or external drive to get your family photos back.

Online computer backup is one of the safest ways to protect your data. If you choose to backup your data on your computer, people can still hack into your computer and you can easily have your information compromised. Online computer backup companies offer secured sites and they are constantly updating the security features to protect you from hackers and other threats.

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How to save media files for podcasting

One of the main aspects of creating a podcast is audio files. Before you can publish your podcast you are going to have to convert your audio files into MP3 format because podcasts are MP3 files with an RSS feed. Without these two conditions you are not creating a podcast but are simply publishing an audio file.

Here are some basic steps to take to save media files for podcasting.

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What are iso files


Many parts of technology can be very confusing. Many people may not know what an iso file is. It is actually surprising how simple it really is. An iso file is actually just a disk image. An iso file can be thought of a "zip" or "cab" file, not including the compression. So, an iso file actually contains the image of a disk, meaning that it contains every file and folder that the disk had. The iso is actually an exact, or byte-for-byte, copy of the data that was actually stored on a disk.

Raw data

The iso format doesn't know anything about the actual folders, files, and formats. It is considered raw data directly from the disk. Programs have to interpret the raw data so that the folder, files, and format are known, that is where people encounter questions about how to use iso files.

Open an iso file

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how do I transfer outlook express files to a new computer


Many of us use outlook express these days. Many of us also are buying new computers. With the rapid pace that technology is changing these days, you will probably need a new computer before you know it. These computer companies keep changing their machines and the software used to run them. Or perhaps your old machine has broken down, in which case you will need a new one fast. So many of us rely on our computers for everything we do in business and in our personal lives. Emailing and surfing the internet are just a few possible things to do on your computer.

So if you have either just bought a computer because your old one broke, or because you needed a new machine to stay current with technological trends, then you will need to figure out how to transfer your outlook express files to your new computer. This could be a very important move because outlook files could contain valuable emails or address book information. These days these sorts of files can be as valuable as gold itself. With business done using computers and the internet you will need these files to keep your company running. Here are a few basic steps that will help you to transfer those files on a new PC with Windows XP:

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How do I compress files


You have a file that you would like to send to a few friends through an email. Looking at your file you realize that it is too big to be emailed and you will need to make the file smaller if you are to send it out in an email. This is where you need to know how compress files.

File compression is widely used for reducing the overall amount of bits and bytes that are in any given file. Compressing these bits and bytes allows for your file to be sent at a faster speed or to take up a smaller amount of space on a disc. WinZip and Stuffit are the two most popular ways of compressing and then decompressing a file.

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