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How Pinpoint technology can keep your finances secure

Since fraud is a growing problem, several programs have been launched to help keep your bank account information safe and to ensure no one is stealing your identity. Cell phones relay your information to satellites and it is possible to gather your location from your cell phone provider. With this type of location control out there it has caused some phone providers to look at how they can use this to their advantage by mapping your location and relaying it to your bank. This way when you have a transaction done, your cell phone connects with your bank to protect your identity and to show that it is you.

The program is called Pinpoint technology and it is designed to match up your debit card or credit card information to your phone in order to prevent fraud from occurring. How does it work exactly and isn't there going to be problems with online shopping and other things? The program is only designed to prevent problems with the high risk purchases so that your smaller purchases that do not look suspicious will not be flagged and tracked. The high risk transactions have yet to be released as to what they are but it is expected that large purchases or those outside your usual shopping area will be flagged.

The flagging process will basically take the transaction and match it up to your cell phone's location. This allows the bank to know that you are in the location where the high risk transaction took place. You will get an email or a text message to your phone that confirms the purchase and it will ask you if this is a legitimate purchase.

The PinPoint service is provided by Location Labs. They have been using location devices for years and are currently in charge of location programs on Verizon Wireless' network and several other networks. Over 250 consumers have had their information on the location system, allowing the company to provide better market research information to cell phone companies and to provide stronger results for police departments in missing person cases and other things.

Some of the other services that Location Labs already provides a shopper alert system, allowing customers to acquire information on new product releases and sales. It also provides information for advertisers as they are able to learn more about their customers buying patterns. There are other location-based apps available for smartphone customers that want to use the check-in and check-out feature for iTunes, facebook, and several other programs.

Not only is PinPoint offering great technology for your finances, they are also providing great technology for your other things as well like your prescription medications. The PinPoint RX Drug Identification system will allow doctors and others to identify what a particular drug is as it will scan the special marking on the pill or it will scan the pill for chemical substances. This can make for a life or death decision on the part of the doctor as they may not know which medications have been taken by someone in the emergency room and their loved one simply brought in a collection of pills. The pill is scanned and then sent into a database where search results will appear and you can read up on all the information know about the drug from its side effects, drug interferences, etc. This helps doctors but it also helps patients that are in need of assistance if they drop their pill box on the floor and risk over-medicating.

There are many new apps on the market that are all designed to make your life safer and easier. PinPoint technologies is just one of the many companies that are searching for ways to improve your life and keep you safe.

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