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BodyMedia brings new additions to smart phones

cellphones37033895.jpg Everyone has a desire to get into better shape and do what they can to properly care for their body. With gaming systems like the Wii Fit and other things to encourage people to get up and move and to lose weight, it was only a matter of time before mobile devices started integrating applications that encourage people to lose weight and stay in shape.

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Flash 3D graphics, will it work?

accountant37004036.jpgThe world is constantly changing and one of the biggest crazes out there is 3D. Just about every movie that is released is being released in 3D. Now 3D is coming to our living rooms with new 3D LCD TVs along with 3D players. There are even television broadcasts that are being done in 3D. So what does all of this 3D mean? For starters, get your checkbook out because its not going to be cheap.

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Software to help with graphic designing

twowomanhighfivingeachother22990915.jpgTo keep up with customer demands and growing technology advancements, several small businesses will overhaul their company logo and image. A good graphic designer can come up with a new image for your company to help it stay in touch with the future. However in a struggling economy, paying for a full-time graphic designer may not be an option for your company. A good alternative for business owners is to purchase some graphic design software and create the new company image on their own. Of course, you will need some understanding about graphic design and how to use publishing software like Quark and InDesign.

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