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Flash 3D graphics, will it work?

accountant37004036.jpgThe world is constantly changing and one of the biggest crazes out there is 3D. Just about every movie that is released is being released in 3D. Now 3D is coming to our living rooms with new 3D LCD TVs along with 3D players. There are even television broadcasts that are being done in 3D. So what does all of this 3D mean? For starters, get your checkbook out because its not going to be cheap.

Video gamers are always on the lookout for new technologies and systems that are more interactive. Flash 3D graphics promise to provide gamers with a new experience with their video games. Adobe is currently working on the 3D graphics support in order to launch it to their customers in the near future. With a simple plug-in feature, Adobe is promising that customers will have an interactive gaming experience.

3D developers are definitely having a lot of work to do right now as they not only need to create the interactive plug-ins and games, they also need to help with the hardware support. Let's face it a computer made in 1990 really isn't going to portray Flash 3D graphics in the right way.

Right now adobe really isn't saying too much about their flash 3D graphics as they really want to shock people with it. There are a few existing 3D graphics to some of the older Flash players but its not much to be impressed with as its really just a 2D design in 3D space.

What Adobe really wants to do is make you feel like you are in the first-person shooter world as a video gamer. They want you to experience everything as if you are in the existing world. Adobe is investing a lot of time, money and effort into this new Flash player and they aren't talking about release dates or leaking any information.

This leads a number of people to speculate about the company and if they will be able to do it. They spent a lot of money on Flash player 10 but by the time it was released, it was already ready to go back under the knife for some work.

The entire process of adding 3D to the interface is going to take awhile for programmers to complete. There isn't a new title for the 3D flash player to be launched so for now people are calling it Adobe 11. The programmers are going to have to go back to a number of different codes such as HTML and change everything. Things need to be reformatted and vector Graphics and JAVA must be integrated with it as well.

What a lot of people want to know is what does Adobe plan on charging or will they charge for it? Since it is a new technology, its common to launch it without a cost initially and earn the money off the companies that have invested in Adobe and 3D. The other big question lies in what type of operating system users will need to have in order to experience proper 3D viewing. Then of course do users need new screens in order to see the animations correctly? It's a big process and there are a lot of questions still up in the air about flash 3D graphics and if it will really work the way Adobe is hoping for.

It's a little harder to see the web with 3D and what the future looks like. While filmmakers are loving it and the higher returns it brings, people aren't completely warming up to the idea of welcoming 3D into their homes just yet.

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