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What are you doing about going green?

Not too many people are actually following through with the goal of going green. Some people are taking the major steps by installing solar panels on their roof or even purchasing a natural gas vehicle. With so many options available it is important that you do start becoming more conscientious about your environment and to start going green as much as you can. While you might not be able to do everything, trying to aid in going green by changing to energy-efficient light bulbs and recycling will both go a long way in going green.

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No room for a garden? Try using the Mele Cultivate System

Tired of killing your garden all the time due to poor sunlight? Apartment dwellers often try to create a nice garden on their small patios but the sun isn't always able to reach the plants properly and provide them with enough sunlight to feed them. You can grow an impressive garden and you can do it right inside your apartment using the Mele Cultivate System.

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Bringing digital to your flowers with the digital pot

If you have ever wondered what your flower pots are thinking, you can finally find out with the digital pot. Using the digital pot, you will be able to see if the plant needs more water. The pot has a number of unique features as it will measure the humidity, water, temperature, and soil conditions. This will help you to take better care of your indoor plants. Plants are necessary to help clean the air and having them inside your home in the winter you will be able to have an easier time warding off colds that come from not having enough fresh air in the home.

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Windstalk allows for wind energy but without the noise of the turbines

We are all looking for ways to try and find energy from different avenues. Solar energy is quite popular but other sources of energy such as wind and water energy are also popular. Wind energy is common when you drive out of canyons and see very large turbines. These turbines are wonderful for collecting energy but you do have a lot of residents that complain about the noise. While it can often be a double-edged sword when it comes to collecting wind energy, there are some new advancements that look promising. One of the latest advancements is Windstalk. What is Windstalk and how does it gather energy? Keep reading on to learn more.

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