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Bringing digital to your flowers with the digital pot

If you have ever wondered what your flower pots are thinking, you can finally find out with the digital pot. Using the digital pot, you will be able to see if the plant needs more water. The pot has a number of unique features as it will measure the humidity, water, temperature, and soil conditions. This will help you to take better care of your indoor plants. Plants are necessary to help clean the air and having them inside your home in the winter you will be able to have an easier time warding off colds that come from not having enough fresh air in the home.

So how do you know if the plant is happy or not? On the side of the digital pot there is a large LCD display. This display has a different picture that will appear when the plant is feeling a different way. For people that overwater their plants, the digital pot is also great to have around because it has a drain vessel. This will systematically drain excess water from the soil so the plant will stay healthy.

What makes the digital pot really cool is that it has a USB interface which allows you to plug it into your computer and you will get a reading of the soil temperature and the water content. The software that comes with the digital pot will talk to you about proper plant care and it will let you know if you are starting to damage your plant due to the excess water.

The digital pot is definitely a cool device to have but it's not on the market yet. Like most new technologies we are only getting a sneak peak at what's to come and it will be awhile until you can have it in your home and start cleaning the air.

Not only can you buy the digital pot to help clean the air, there are several other devices you can use to clean your home. Have you ever dreamed of having a garden inside your home? Now you can with the Mele Cultivate system. This unique system allows you to have multiple plants in your home that you can harbor and keep healthy. It's a great way to grow fresh vegetables in your home, which is ideal for apartment dwellers.

Many of us don't realize what type of air we are really breathing. Even if the air in your home is fresh because you have vents in the attic and you open the windows occasionally, you may still be breathing in polluted air. When the air is polluted, it causes you to develop respiratory problems like asthma, allergies, and eventually you can develop lung cancer from polluted air. Having a nice plant in your home to purify the air will help to keep you and your family safe.

How exactly do plants help purify the air in your home? They will absorb the carbon dioxide and exude oxygen, which is vital to your families health. It's one of the easiest ways to purify the air in your home without needing to purchase an expensive air filter or other devices.

So which are the best indoor plants to use that will help to clean the air and provide your family with healthy breathing air? Here are some of the best indoor plants you need to consider to keepyour family healthy:

  • English Ivy

  • Spider plant

  • Chinese evergreen

  • Christmas cactus

  • Poinsettia

  • Dragon tree

  • Peace lily

  • Snake plant

  • Bamboo

  • Lady palm

  • Areca palm

  • Golden pothos

  • Rubber palm

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