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Training employees into a skilled staff

businessmeeting30381062.jpgWhen college students are hired to work for Disneyland and Disneyworld, they spend about 6 weeks in training, only to work for 8 weeks out of the summer. The reason why Disney invests so much time and money into training their employees is because they want their employees to memorize every aspect of their job. This way they will be able to thoroughly help the people that come to visit Disneyland and Disneyworld and the entire business can run smoothly.

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Teaching leadership skills to managers

businesslunchen32174886.jpgNot every manager is a good leader. But to be a great manager, a manager needs to have the leadership skills that can make him or her a great leader.

Start early

Managers have a lot of responsibilities, and one of the important responsibilities is being a leader to the other employees who working for the business. Some businesses choose to hire their managers by giving their very skilled employees or the employees that stand out in their current position a promotion. While these employees may be very capable of handling the responsibilities that come along with being a manager, they may not have the leadership skills that are needed to be the best manager they can be.

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How to know when to outsource in the IT department


Do you have special IT needs within your business?Sometimes you can have an IT staff within your business to help you meet all of your IT needs.An IT staff is great because it can help to fix technological problems and work with new software so that your business is always running at maximum speed!However, there are times when you might wonder if your IT staff is able to handle all of the technological requirements of your business.And the truth is, you might not be able to have your IT staff do all that you want to have done.If you think that you might need to outsource in the IT department, read below and see if you fit any of these requirements below.Here are some ways that you can know when to outsource in the IT department:

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How to better do the 3 A's-Aim, Act, Assess


A lot of business has to do with following plans, making goals, and trying to achieve those goals.There are a lot of different strategies and plans which can help people to work on these different aspects of business.One of the popular ways that businessmen have characterized these goals is through the "3 A's."The 3 A's are: Aim, Act, and Assess.Sure, these words sound easy and simple, but sometimes it's hard to just follow the 3 A's.Here are a couple of ways that you can better do the 3 A's - Aim, Act, Assess.

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How to choose your document management software.

The topic of this particular article is how you can choose the right document management software for you and for your company or office.If you are a manager of an office or of a branch, or if you are the owner of a company, then you need a great way to manage all of your documents.A great document management software can help increase productivity, increase efficiency, and will help your company run better.A great document management software will actually also improve your relationship with customers and with potential customers as you present a classier and more put-together image, and as you demonstrate an ability to streamline your dealings with customers and handle data and customer relationships.

Let's examine some different possible options for how to choose document management software.The first place for you to begin when you are choosing document management software is to sit down and to a thorough assessment of your company's situation.What kind of company are you?Are you an accounting firm, for example?What kinds of document management will you need?What if you are involved in ensuring regulatory compliance?If you are a local or a state government agency, then you will require different options and tools from your document management software.For example, you might need to streamline your agendas, make public records easier to access and more organized, etc.Go through your company and examine precisely what kinds of documents you are using.Who puts these documents together?Who needs to access the documents?A document management software can help you increase your productivity and make your documents easier to access, but only if you choose the right document management software for your company.If you go into the hunt armed with a list of what you need and the tools and options that you require, then you won't be sidelined by flashy options thathave nothing to do with what you need.

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How to choose service management software

The topic of this article is to discuss how you as a company owner or as a company or office manager can choose service management software that is perfect for your company and can fit all of your company's needs.
As your company grows and as the years go by, a number of things wil change.You will have employees come and go, you will change customers, current customers will change what they want, the relationships between you and suppliers will change, and basically everything else will change, constly.If you are a successful manager or owner, then you will be able to manage change well and you won't be put off by it.Another thing that is always changing is the software technology that you will be using to help manage your service.As a manager or owner, you need to be able to choose the right technology for your company so that you can choose the right service management software.The most important thing to keep in mind when you are choosing service management software is that you are choosing software for more than just your short term needs.You have to choose service management software that will be able to handle all of the changes that your company goes through, from next week to three months from now to two years from now.
Here are some basic tips that you need to follow when you are choosing service management software for your company.First of all, don't choose systems that hinder the growth of your company.Choose a system that does not require that you spend more time administrating your system.Instead, choose a system that will allow for complex and detailed accounting, will let you control the users and their access to the system, will report important numbers and statistics to you, and will let you manage your company easily.

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Digital photo printing lab comparisons

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can make digital photo printing lab comparisons when you are looking for a digital photo printing lab when you are looking for printing options for your company.

We are primarily going to discuss online digital photo printing labs.We will go through a number of different sites, how they work, and what you need to look for when you are searching for the digital photo printing lab that is best for you and your company.

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How to choose your appointment scheduling software

If you are the manager of an office or branch or the owner of the company, consider the following question: do you ever meet with clients?Have meetings?Schedule those meetings?The answer, I assume, is yes, in essentially all cases.But here's the next question: do you have appointment scheduling software?If you already do, how efficient is it?If you do not yet have appointment scheduling software, or if you are not satisfied with your current appointment scheduling software, then you need to know how to choose appointment scheduling software so that you choose the right product to increase productivity and efficiency within your business, and also to increase customer satisfaction with your service.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to choose appointment scheduling software.We will focus particularly on web based appointment scheduling software.The great thing about web based appointment scheduling software is that if you have just two things-a computer and an Internet connection-then you have everything that you need to begin scheduling appointments within your company and with clients entirely online.

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Email Etiquette

Email is one of the most popular means of communication within the workplace; in fact, roughly 90% of all workers who have access to the Internet during their workday use it to write and send emails. People prefer email for good reason - it's fast, efficient, and easier, as many people will opt to send an email than pick up the phone and try to get a hold of someone or make a trip to someone's office.

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Executives Are "Ego-Surfing" For Business Information

Wondering what's new about you?Type your name into Google or Yahoo and see what comes up. Termed "ego surfing," it has gone mainstream as CEO's, corporate communication departments and executives are using the Internet to follow what is being said about them, their companies and their competitors.Termed CEegO surfing when the CEO does the search, businesses are discovering important information on the web that may or may not be accurate.

A recent search of the Fortune 100 CEOs for USA Today uncovered fascinating material on top executives.While much of the information is harmless, some can be damaging to careers and business.A search for Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, leads you to a 72-second video of him attempting to motivate the work force by wild gyrations and screaming on stage.Coined, "The Monkey Dance," on the Net, there are multiple websites directing you to the "Original Monkey Boy Gyrations," and a listing appears in the second line on Google.

There can also be a case of mistaken identity.Cynthia McKay, CEO of Le Gourmet Gift Basket, was surprised to learn that there is a British actress of the same name who has an established reputation in the porn industry.Kathy Peel, the CEO of Family Manager, found another namesake who won the Miss Plus American pageant for large sized women.Some CEO's use their middle initial or full name to avoid confusion with others of the same name in a different industry.

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Targeting "Locals" on Search Engines

Surprisingly, 22 million small- and medium-sized businesses spend 46% of their advertising budgets on Yellow Pages marketing and allocate only 3% for search engine keywords.

If you or your clients have a click-and-mortar or brick-and-mortar business and are not taking advantage of the new local search engine marketing (SEM) programs, you are missing out on highly targeted traffic for a fraction of the price of national SEM.

A New Kelsey Group survey of 3,887 online consumers in early September revealed the following:

-- More than 74% of survey respondents said that they had conducted local searches

-- Among local search users, 27% of their total search behavior is for local information

-- Approximately 45% of local searches had a buying intent

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What's A Blog?

According to the dictionary, a blog is:

"A frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts and web links."

In simple terms, a blog is a web site, where you write content on an ongoing basis. As you add content to your blog, new posts are automatically positioned on top of previous posts, so your visitors can see "what's new." Then they can comment on it or link to it or e-mail you if they choose to do so.

A blog can be a personal diary. A daily pulpit. A collaborative space. A political soapbox. A breaking-news outlet. A collection of links. Your own private thoughts.

Your blog is whatever you want it to be. There are millions of them, in all shapes and sizes, and there are no real rules.

A blog is often a combination of what's happening in someone's personal and business life and what is happening on the web--a kind of high-tech, hybrid diary/guide site--and there are seemingly as many unique types of blogs as there are people.

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How To Backup Your Hard Drive

We all know that we should back up our system as soon as possible. But if you're like most of us, you will get to it tomorrow. The problem is that tomorrow rarely ever comes until you experience a serious computer failure and then it's too late.

Taking the time to backup your data or entire hard drive is not as painstaking as it may seem. And the rewards of doing so will be great should your system experience a crash.


If you have Windows XP you will need to install the new Windows backup utility from the Windows XP cdrom. Just place the WinXP cdrom in your cdrom drive and locate the line D:\VALEADD\MSFT\NTBACKUP.

Here you see the first letter as D but if your optical drive has a different drive letter, exchange the D with your drive's letter. To install the utility, click on the file named NTBackup.msi.

The backup utility will be installed to the system tools group. Click Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and Backup. There is a neat wizard that will walk you through the backup process.

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10 Valuable Tips For Ezine Publishers

1. Write your own articles.

Your articles will give you an effective way to build up your status as an expert by sharing your tips and advice with your readers.

Your articles will also help you to effectively promote your business through your resource box at the end of your articles.

Use your articles to get more subscribers by submitting them to article directories and announcement lists with a resource box that promotes your ezine.

2. Recommend the products of affiliate programs you've joined to your subscriber base.

If you've earned the trust of your subscribers your recommendations will help you to successfully increase your commissions.

Only recommend products you can honestly vouch for and that you believe can meet your subscribers' needs.

3. Swap ads with other ezine publishers.

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Why Your Brick-and-Mortar Biz Needs A Website

The internet has taken over our lives with a vengeance, and has changed the way many of us do business. More and more consumers are now doing their shopping online and, unfortunately, some business owners have felt the pinch.

But there are many small businesses that have been virtually unaffected by the internet boom. Those professionals in the more service-oriented fields - veterinarians, chiropractors, beauticians, dentists and more - do almost all of their work in what's now affectionately know as the brick-and-mortar
business, and as such can never be fully replaced by internet technology.

However, many of these businesses, from tiny mom-and-pop stores to small health care centers - have yet to merge onto the information highway, and it's costing them plenty; of customers, that is.

That's because, although traditional advertising (phone books, flyers, radio ads, etc.) are still widely used, there is no doubt that the most effective advertising now takes place online.

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How and Why to Publish an Ezine

Publishing an ezine is important to any online business. With an ezine, you can keep in contact with your customers and promote yourself and your business. You do this by building a relationship of trust and respect with your readers.

For those of you who might not know what an ezine ezine is simply an electronic newsletter or magazine mailed periodically to a list of opt-in subscribers. By opt-in, I mean that they have voluntarily signed up to receive your ezine from you.

This means that they have given their permission to receive updates, product recommendations, and other promotions from you. But, you also want to provide quality content for your readers.

DO NOT send your ezine to anyone who has not subscribed. I also strongly suggest that you make sure all your subscribers are double opt-in. This means that after they initially subscribe, you send them a confirmation email asking them to reply to make sure they are the one who has subscribed. This should prevent you from being accused of spam.

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What's your Business Online Attitude?

This article was prompted by some customer support work I was involved in for a private members site. One of the paid subscription members wanted someone to look over his website and give an opinion of what we thought of its design.

It was clear from the email that they had been online for a while (over 3 years) but hadn't seen any results from their efforts and were frustrated. Understandably so!

This person had created his own website in which to promote an online Opportunity. The purpose for having your own web site, rather than a static page, (one that you can't personally change, like the ones the most biz opps provide) is it to "Brand YOU".

After all, your site visitor is getting involved with something you recommend and in effect will want you to help them succeed.

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Understanding Editorial Guidelines

Editorial guidelines, also known as writer's guidelines, are the rules set forth by publishers for contributing authors. In order to have your article taken seriously you must review the guidelines prior to submission. It is also recommended that you review previous editions of the publication to get a better feel for the types of articles favored by the editor(s).

Outlined below are the typical issues covered in editorial guidelines along with their definitions and any additional information you should know.

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