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Learning more about virtual reality

What can you see, taste, touch, and smell? Does that mean it is real? What if a computer could simulate what you see, smell, taste, and touch? Does that mean it is actually real? It is hard to understand the difference between what is real and what is virtual reality as the two can often be very, very similar but what it comes down to is the knowledge of the virtual reality world and your actual world.

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Sony unveils a 3D laptop

All around us is more information about 3D technology and while a lot of people feel like it's great others aren't so sure about it. In order to view 3D correctly you do have to wear glasses that will allow you to see it as it was filmed and meant to be seen. Sony is just one of several companies that is planning to release a series of 3D laptops and other devices starting as soon as 2011. The one worry is how successful it will be as not too many Americans have invested in 3D televisions and home entertainment systems.

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