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Sony unveils a 3D laptop

All around us is more information about 3D technology and while a lot of people feel like it's great others aren't so sure about it. In order to view 3D correctly you do have to wear glasses that will allow you to see it as it was filmed and meant to be seen. Sony is just one of several companies that is planning to release a series of 3D laptops and other devices starting as soon as 2011. The one worry is how successful it will be as not too many Americans have invested in 3D televisions and home entertainment systems.

The Sony 3D laptop is set to be released in 2011 and it is also expected for Sony to launch a series of 3D video games. The 3D laptop comes with a "3D" button that you will click on and then you have to put on your 3D glasses in order to see the screen properly.

In order for the laptop to work correctly it will need to display about 240 frames of video per second. Sony is using a graphics chip system in order to try and keep up with the 3D technology but they have yet to offer any details and specifications regarding this part of the laptop.

The one thing to note is that the prototype you can view online and that you can see at conferences and events isn't going to be exactly what you get. Sony has already stated there may be some slight differences with the 3D technology laptop as the prototype has additional features that are used for marketing. With this information made public, you might want to take a look into waiting a few years before you opt for the 3D laptop so all the kinks can be worked out correctly.

Its always a good idea to wait on a few of the new technologies because it will cause the price to drop and it will also allow for additional features to be launched. Other companies may also come up with better versions of the 3D technology laptop which may be able to surpass what Sony has done. Companies like Apple tend to lead the way in new technologies and often have reliable products when it comes to computers compared to other brands.

In addition to the new 3D laptops and TVs several of the existing Blu-ray players along with PlayStation 3 are being changed in order to provide 3D effects. Some of the games that are already scheduled to include 3D technology include the following:

  • MLB baseball

  • Apocalypse

  • Killzone 3

  • The Fight

  • Mortal Combat

  • Virtual Tennis 4

  • Tumble

Sony has also announced some other cool 3D technologies that are in the works like the 3D video projector, the WV-90. This projector is planned to be used for individuals that have the desire to see all of their favorite movies and other things in 3D. Some shows are even planning to be broadcast in 3D.

The information from Sony is that all of their tests have been done with the use of Real 3D, the same technology that was used to create movies like Avatar. This is impressive but its not going to be what you see with a laptop. The 3D laptop requires you to use the red and blue shutters or glasses in order to see things correctly.

The best choice for 3D users is to wait until you have Real 3D and you aren't wearing those retro looking blue and red glasses. Keep your eye on Sony though as they have already started working on their own television network that includes 3D films and other things.

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