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Learning more about virtual reality

What can you see, taste, touch, and smell? Does that mean it is real? What if a computer could simulate what you see, smell, taste, and touch? Does that mean it is actually real? It is hard to understand the difference between what is real and what is virtual reality as the two can often be very, very similar but what it comes down to is the knowledge of the virtual reality world and your actual world.

OK so what are we really talking about here? Virtual reality is a world that can be created with a computer. Lets take your human brain for example, it is literally the world's most amazing computer ever created. The brain allows you to create a virtual reality and you can choose to use this world as an escape from time to time when you need it. Having this world in your brain often allows for a lot of unique and creative thinking to occur which is why we do have a lot of the technology we have. Now let's look at the computer world of a virtual reality and literally you can make a world. The computer simulated environment can take the world you know and will be able to create something that looks so real that it can be hard for you to understand that it is fake.

The computer has to be believable in order to make the virtual reality world come to life. It needs to simulate the project in a precise manner that you are able to think that it is real and that its not an imaginary place. Take movies for example, some of the recent movies out there have been able to create these virtual realities and really do make it seem like you are in this world. Some of the movies anymore are so realistic that it can be hard to understand that this world is fake and was all created on a computer. Avatar is one of the movies that has been able to do this and has been able to take audiences to a completely different planet and world and life. It is amazing to see what a virtual reality truly is and if you want to see one, this is perhaps the best movie to watch and experience it.

So how does a virtual reality world work exactly? You have a virtual reality space. This is where the sensory output and 3D technology come together to create the world. Here you are able to see interactions occur and you are able to deal with the physical elements and the environment around you to create the space. Pictures can help the program to understand the space and what you want it to look like but there are many other things that go into helping this to work as well such as telepresnece. This is what you want people to experience. Telepresence is the emotion or the feeling that people get when they feel like they are actually there and they are in the moment. They see and literally feel the sun and live in this world.

3D technology is the craze and everyone is looking for new ways to bring it into your home. There are so many tools that go into creating this. You have things like Java development and now Andriod development that allows for multi-threading technology to work and to provide you with the feeling and the interactions that you need in order for virtual reality to work. Some of the things that allow it to work include the following:

  • 3D scanners

  • Motion trackers

  • Eye trackers

  • ODT

  • Digitizers

  • Wired gloves

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