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Finally, a rewritable printer!

Paying money for ink cartridges and toner can add up in a hurry. Most of us go through a lot of ink each year due to the number of pictures we print. Businesses go through even more ink as they have to print off a number of documents. Have you ever stopped to take a look at all of the wasted paper and ink you are dealing with when you accidently print something you didn't need? It was only a matter of time until this latest technology was created to help spare some trees, a rewritable printer!

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Choosing between an inkjet or laser printer

Today when you go to choose a printer, there is a wide variety of choices. You can select a printer, that simply prints, or one that has multiple options, for scanning, faxing and copying. Most importantly you will need to choose between an inkjet or a laser printer. The decision on what type of printer to purchase seems to go both ways. However, if you take the time to do the research, you can find the printer, that will best fit your printing needs. Here is what you need to know about choosing between an inkjet or laser printer-

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How to upload digital photos to a printer.

The ability to take digital pictures is one of the most exciting advances in modern technology in recent years.There are many ways to enjoy your digital pictures.Digital images can be enjoyed as files on a computer screen or television monitor without ever being developed or printed.Many consumers still want the ability to develop or print their digital pictures, as they would with a film camera.For those who only want to do this occasionally, there are several options.Two of these include sending your photos through the internet to an online service, and have them mailed to you for a small fee.You can also take your pictures to your local drug store's one hour photo lab and have them printed there.For those who want to print their pictures more often, the option of buying a printer capable of quality photos may be the best option.

For those unfamiliar with digital cameras and how to get their pictures from the camera to a printer, they will be happy to learn that this process is very easy.There are three basic choices in data transfer.

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The best high volume printers for business

USB19143376.jpg If you want to print out around 50-150 pages per minute, you will need a high volume printer. In the past many companies only used inkjet or laser printers. While a laser printer was preferred for its large document printing. Now there are faster, more reliable printers that kick out hundreds of pages per minute. Here are a few things a good high volume printer must have:

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The best digital photo printers for your business

manwithcomputers32015719.jpg Now that almost everybody owns a digital camera, more and more people are forgetting about that unnecessary hassle of a trip to the local photo developer and instead are choosing just to print off their own photos when they want, for the size they want, and for a cheaper price.Having a good photo printer is especially important for businesses that use digital photos as a part of their busienss plan.However, how can you decide on the best software for your photos?and what about the best printer for your photo?There are so many different printers and photo software out there that are available for consumers to choose from; here are some of the best software and printers for photos that were released in 2007.

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How to choose a color laser printer

When you are trying to choose the right color laser printer for your office, there are 5 main things that you should consider:

  1. Print Speed

  2. Monthly Print Volume

  3. Print Quality

  4. Paper Capacity

  5. Compatibility

First of all, before we even get to the five considerations listed above, let's talk about why you should buy a color laser printer as opposed to a black and white, or monochrome, laser printer.While color laser printers are more expensive than the black and white variety, the trade off is increased versatility when you are printing different types of documents.This helps you effectively and professionally produce all of the presentations, reports, documents, brochures, and other material that you need.Furthermore, color laser printers also are able to process more print volumes per day, and the cost per page actually ends up being lower than any other color printing option.

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Best Color Printers

Looking at the right color printer to buy can be an absolutely dizzying and confusing task, since there are so many different types of color printers out there that are available for you to buy.Also, as the price of color printers continues to drop, the options become even more varied and more numerous and more and more printers begin to fit within the budgets of everybody from students to small businesses to larger corporations.Making sure that you choose the right color printer can help you save money on paper, ink cartridges, and the cost of going outside to other printers such as Kinko's in order to print your projects, whether that project is for a large presentation to potential clients or if it is for your child's science report.

  • What to think about before you go shopping
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