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Finally, a rewritable printer!

Paying money for ink cartridges and toner can add up in a hurry. Most of us go through a lot of ink each year due to the number of pictures we print. Businesses go through even more ink as they have to print off a number of documents. Have you ever stopped to take a look at all of the wasted paper and ink you are dealing with when you accidently print something you didn't need? It was only a matter of time until this latest technology was created to help spare some trees, a rewritable printer!

A rewritable printer works by using special paper that is made from PET plastic so you can mark it up, ink it up, and write it up however you desire. Then you can just put the paper back into the printer where it will be wiped clean and you can get it nice and dirty again. So what does it cost for this cool printer? Well it's not cheap as it's priced right around $5,600 right now.

The other cost is the PET paper you have to purchase. Since it's not really paper and it's made from recycled plastic, it too costs extra money. You will spend about $3.50 per sheet, which can be pretty close to a single ream of traditional paper that includes about 500 sheets or more.

Even though it's really expensive to get up and running, it's worth it. The impact it has on the environment in minimal compared to standard printers using paper made out of trees. Plus you don't need to keep buying ink and toner all the time just to print. That big recycling box will finally be empty as you can reuse the sheets multiple times.

Just how much use can you get out of the paper? It has been said that one single sheet of paper will last for about 1,000 uses. This a pretty impressive number when you add it up to the cost of 1,000 sheets of paper that you typically use with a printer.

This cool printer is coming out of Japan, the leader in a number of new technologies and innovation. While it's not yet open to the public to buy the rewritable printer, manufacturers are working hard to push it into full production to get it out there.

One of the great things you will see when you are purchasing products made by the Japanese is how earth-friendly they are. A number of their new products that are being released are made from recyclable materials, which helps you to do your part in the green movement to save the planet.Take a look at some of their innovative things like the garden gro system which helps people to clean their air and grow gardens in their own home. They have so many cool new technologies on the rise that Japan is definitely a country worth keeping an eye on to see what lies ahead for the future.

This unique printer the PrePeat really is top of the line and within a few years it will start to creep its way into a number of homes and business. It's one product that is truly taking a step forward to protect the environment. Since we won't need to purchase ink and toner cartridges, which is just one waste that is finally gone. The other thing is that we don't need to cut down additional trees to make paper for us to print on, which can quite often be tossed instead of recycled. Do your part to protect the environment and sign up for the PrePeat when it becomes available to the public.

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