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Saving money with a freelance bookkeeper

Are you tired of paying the salary of a bookkeeper that does about 3 hours of work a week? If you are paying a ton of money for a job that really doesn't need a ton of time devoted to it you may be able to benefit greatly from hiring a freelance bookkeeper. They can provide you with a great way to save money and you will still be able to have all of your books and things properly taken care of.

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How to bootstrap your business

Bootstrapping has become one of the new buzzwords in business. Bootstrapping (or to bootstrap your company), means using your own resources, and effectively managing your cash flow, to internally generate the funds, that you need to operate your startup, or relatively new business. This has become the new motto of many small business owners. There is another major benefit is you can successfully bootstrap your company. Bootstrapping keeps you from having to seek out venture capitalists or angel investors for your business. This means a lot for many business owners, because when you let them on board, you lose control of a part of your company. If you are a business owner here is what you need to know about how to bootstrap your business-

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Cut the basic costs

businessmeeting33030104.jpgRunning a large or small business can be challenging but it can be absolutely frustrating to watch money be wasted on simple things like office supplies. There are millions of dollars that are wasted each year on your office supplies simply because companies do not buy recycled paper, store-brand items, and other things. While you need to have toner, ink, paper clips, and many other essential office supplies, you can easily cut costs and save your company thousands of dollars a year.

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Financial goals on a budget

mantalking30346145.jpgSetting financial goals for your business is especially challenging when the economy is always going up and down and no one really knows what to expect from it.But it is necessary and can still be done effectively.It takes dedication and hard work to run a business and to manage its finances well, but taking the right approach can make it easier and actually make your business more profitable.

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Business finance and a cash reserve

chartthree30393001.JPGOne of the important aspects of business finance is for a business to have a cash reserve. This article discusses more about what a business cash reserve is, why a business should have one, and how a business owner can go about creating their business cash reserve.

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What bank accounts should you have and why

manatdesk19160745.jpgThere is no specific bank account that you should have, but you do want to have at least one bank account. Having a checking account will give you the option of writing your checks to pay your bills, but with online bill pay, you can even use a savings account to pay your bills.

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How You can be rich

moneyexplodingoutofbriefcase30891474.jpgDid you know that being rich is within your grasp? It does not take a lot to get "rich" it just takes knowing what being rich means to you, and then making the sacrifices to make that possible. The following is a guide for how YOU can be rich:

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How can I get more money?

manwithmoney23268183.jpgEveryone wants to know what they can do to have more money. No matter how much you have, you want more. So, what can you do to get more money? Well, most people think there is no magic answer to have to get more money, but the truth is, there is. It is not about the job you have, or the education you get, while they can help, they are not necessary to have more money than you now have. The way you get more money, is by using the money you have in a wiser fashion. You do not have to make more to have more, you have to spend less, and spend smarter. Here's how:

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Comparing retirement accounts

womanwithparentsinbackground19152698.jpgThere are several different retirement accounts to choose from. It can be kind of confusing for a person trying to decide what retirement account would work best for them. Each type of retirement account has good and bad attribute. This article compares some of the popular retirement accounts available to people.

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Avoiding buyer's remorse

stressedwoman16009389.jpgAt one point or another, you have most likely suffered from buyer's remorse. Buyer's remorse doesn't just happen when you spend a lot of money on a single item, it can even happen when you spend a few bucks on a small item. Buyer's remorse happens because you feel guilty about the purchase you have made because you really didn't need it or because it was, something that you later determined was a complete waste of money.

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Reducing overhead costs for manufacturing businesses

businessmeeting26251473.jpgIn manufacturing, you are going to have overhead costs, the more overhead costs you have the less profit you will be making. In manufacturing, your overhead costs are going to include both fixed and variable costs. What you are going to want to do is find a way to lower your overhead costs, which will be done by looking at your fixed and variable costs, to see where you can cut costs so you can increase your profits. When decreasing your manufacturing costs you need to make sure that what you are doing is not going to harm the product you are manufacturing. You need to find a way to reduce your overhead costs without cutting back on how much product you are manufacturing.

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Why your business needs a cash reserve

One of the biggest assets to any business of any size is cash. Money is the key to a successful business. Cash is needed by businesses to get into business and to stay in business. Because money is so important to a business, it is understandable why cash reserve could be a crucial part of any prospering business. But what are some of the exact reasons why a business needs a cash reserve? This article discusses some of the many reasons why a business needs a cash reserve.

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Leasing versus purchasing business equipment

When it comes to stocking your business with the necessary equipment, whether it is a bunch of computers or a few bulldozers, it is important that you consider the pros and cons of both leasing and purchasing business equipment.While this discusses heavy equipment, the same considerations should be made by those who are involved in white collar jobs.

The topic for this article is whether heavy equipment rental is better than leasing heavy equipment. So your business is in need of some heavy equipment. This equipment could be something like a bulldozer, a crane, an excavator, a loader, a soil compactor, an application machine, a smooth roller, a fork lift, a man lift, and more. It depends on whether or not you're doing something that involves dirt moving, something that involves asphalt, something that involves material handling. Maybe you're a construction company, maybe you're building homes or businesses, maybe you're just in need of that heavy equipment. Whatever you need it for, you need equipment that is in good condition, equipment that can get the job done without any hassles for repairs or anything like that, and equipment that you can get at the cheapest price possible.

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How to save on overhead by going green

Overhead costs are those that must be spent in order to keep your business running, whether you are bringing in business or not. These costs may include such basic things as electricity or internet service as well as the costs incurred with making products.

Overhead costs begin before you even open your business. However, many business owners try and save on overhead costs and keep them to a minimum, whether they are just starting out or are established in their business.

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