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July 14, 2004

Submit Site To Announce It To The World!

Keywords: Search Engine Submission


NO, don't bother! It's a waste of time, and you'll probably just receive lots of unwanted e-mail.

Instead, submit your site to the major search engines and directories (i.e. Google, and a few others). Monitor your results, and resubmit only if your site isn't listed yet.

Repeat this process for any new content you create.

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Posted by DK at 09:23 AM

July 07, 2004

New PayPal Fee Structure

Keywords: PayPal

PayPal has announced that, beginning in August, a new fee structure will be in place. The new structure is based on monthly volumes and is designed to lower fees for higher-volume sellers while retaining the current rates for lower-volume (average) users. These new rates will apply to you if:
1) you are currently a "merchant" with PayPal (hold a verified business rather than a personal account) and
2) you do a comparatively high volume of selling.

Fee structure will be based on previous month's sales, but if you rarely (or never) do more than $3,000 (USD) in sales in one month, you have nothing to worry about: your fees are not changing (Standard Rate with PayPal is 2.9%).

If you do more than that, though, you'll want to be aware that your rates will drop according to how high your volume is.

The tiers are simple: Over $3,000 USD lowers your rate to 2.5%, over $10,000 lowers your rate to 2.2%, and over $100,000 lowers your rate to 1.9% - a full percentage point down, which is huge when you consider that 1% of $100,001 is $1,000.01 in potential savings. The standard thirty cents per transaction fee applies in all cases, of course.

These rates are for domestic (in-country) transfers. If you do multi-national money changing, you'll want to see the new fee structures for that, which drop as low as 2.9 per cent.

For higher-volume sellers, these new rates are exciting. They mean an overall cost savings for you and bring PayPal in line with any of the most competitive credit card merchants available.

by Aaron Turpen of Aaronz WebWorkz
Aaron is the proprietor of Aaronz WebWorkz, a full service company providing a range of services to online businesses. Aaron specializes in small and home-based business consulting and site development.

Posted by Angie at 05:09 PM

Top 10 Ways to Use Web Audio

Keywords: Website Audio

Add a new dimension to your website. Web audio engages visitors, helps them understand the benefits of your product or service, and generates more leads and sales. Listen to an audio message I recorded for our site, or read the top ten ways you can use web audio on your site.

1. Build rapport. Add a personal touch to your communications. Even your most skeptical prospects will respond to the authority of the human voice. More credibility leads to more sales.

2. Movitate and focus visitors' attention. Keep visitors on your site longer. The human voice has the power to influence, motivate, and persuade prospects to click.

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Posted by Angie at 02:24 PM

July 06, 2004

When is enough: Enough?

Keywords: Websites

Keeping your Business Website Fresh and Unique:

Google PR, SE optimization, Keywords, Content, and More Content.

That is the beauty of the information hi-way. It is like taking a
road trip for the first time. The excitement, the unknown, and the
mystery. Searching but not knowing exactly what lies ahead.

As I travel the information hi-way, I wonder: When is enough: Enough?

We continually add new content and information to our websites. Each
day presents a new problem, a new solution, and a new revelation.

I, like many Webmasters, have become obsessive about my WebPages.
Each day I evaluate, and re-evaluate the content of my site.

Have I added enough links?
Do I have enough articles?
Do I have enough information to keep my visitors attention?

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Posted by Angie at 05:53 PM

Where To Buy Your e-Book Covers

Keywords: E-Book Covers

Visual appeal is the first step toward making a sale online. People have a great ability to scan a web page quickly before reading anything about a site. Its important to capitalize on this aspect by providing a great visual stimulus. e-Book cover art has come a long way in the past 5 years. High density graphics can really make your product stand out, labeling it with a high degree of professionalism and credibility.

Throughout the course of my research into the best design tools I have uncovered that the saying "you get what you pay for" holds all too true with cover design. Here is a review of my results. It is broken down into two categories:
(2) design services.


If you perform a search on Google of e-book covers there really is only a few software products that dominate the first few pages of results.

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Posted by Angie at 05:31 PM

7 Essential Web Site Maintenance Strategies

Keywords: Website Management

Maintenance of your web site is an absolute necessity if you want to keep it from becoming stagnant and losing visitors. It can be compared to a garden that is not weeded, it soon disappears from site as a result of the weeds blotting out the sunlight. Maintaining your web site means continuously updating it with fresh content, keeping it free from errors (ie broken links, sloppy code) to maintaining a high position in the search engines.

Let's look at the 7 essential strategies for web site maintenance:

1. Check for broken links - broken links will annoy visitors making them click elsewhere off your site, thus losing a potential customer. Businesses that once linked to your site, may have closed down, thus causing broken links to appear. Check for broken links on your site at least once a month.

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Posted by Angie at 04:19 PM

Search Engine Results and the PDF User Trap

Keywords: PDF Files

Many major search engines now have the capability to index PDF files created by Adobe Acrobat and return them in search results. If you are a Web site owner with PDF files on your site, this is good news.

What you may not know is that this capability presents potential usability problems, especially for searchers. What is the big deal? Let's find out.

Searching for "blessing of a Christmas tree" on Google returns a link to a PDF file in the results. (

If searchers click on this listing, the link automatically opens a PDF file with no navigation to the main site. Users are trapped! They have no way to explore other pages of the site for more information.

So, what's going on and, more importantly, how to do we fix it?

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Posted by Angie at 04:05 PM

Simple Server Side Includes

Keywords: Server Side Include Files

Anyone who's ever had to change a multitude of static pages on a site knows what a pain it is to find and change the same snippets of code on one page after another- even using an HTML editor's find-and-replace function can be cumbersome since you have to upload all of the pages to the server again with the new code. Sometimes a page or two will get missed or the find-and-replace function replaces some things you didn't intend to change, so it requires some quality-checking time to run through all the pages and make sure the changes are there.

An easier way to manage pages in your site is by replacing chunks of repeating code, such as your navigation links, with server side include (SSI) files. Instead of repeating the same code over and over, you create a separate file with just that chunk of repeated code in it, then place a line of code on each page that tells the server to insert the contents of a separate file into that spot on the page.

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Posted by Angie at 04:01 PM

Simple Changes To Make Your Web Site Sell

Keywords: Website Management

So you have a web site, you have traffic, but it doesn't... well ... sell? But what can you do about it? Often some very simple changes to your web site can mean the difference between success and failure. Based on my own experience and extensive testing of what works and what does not, here is a quick list of simple changes you can make to turn your site around and rapidly improve your profit levels.

1. Are You Grabbing 0pt-Ins From Every Corner Of Your Site?

It is as true now as it ever has been - a large proportion of your profits will come from a list of subscribers that sign up at your web site. Very few people buy first time -that's why it's so important to attempt to initiate some sort of ongoing relation with them. And that's where email usually steps in.

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Posted by Angie at 03:54 PM

Buyer Beware: Web Hosting, Registration, and Site Building "All in One" Package Nightmares

Keywords: Website Packages

Starting out in any type of online marketing or Internet business can be confusing and overwhelming. There are so many different aspects of a start-up: domain name registration and purchase, Web site host purchasing, and of course, the "building" of the Web site itself. This leaves many consumers looking for an easier way to purchase everything in one place, both to save money and to save time.

This has led to the rise of "total packages" by many hosting and Internet development companies, where everything is included: domain-name registration, software for design of a site or an online method of building a site, professional design of the site, and of course, the hosting. This is quite popular as it whittles down the process of getting a site up and running for many new to the Internet and online marketing.

However, with the convenience of Web-hosting packages of this sort, there also can be inconveniences. No road is paved "with gold" and this type of registration, hosting and design package deal is no exception. There can be problems that surface later on when purchasing a Web design and hosting package that also includes registration. These problems usually present themselves in the following forms:

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Posted by Angie at 01:19 PM

July 01, 2004

AutoRunning Your CD Projects

Keywords: Free Offers

Five Easy Steps to Creating an Autorun CD

If you distribute products on CD, it always looks impressive if the CD will autorun when inserted into the drive. In this article we will cover one of the many ways to autorun html, exe and most other file types. (.pdf .mov.qtif .mpeg and others)

To create an autorun CD we will use a program which enables the CD to autostart from the CD ROM drive. There are many of these types of free programs available for download on the Internet. The one we will be working with here is called AutorunPro. AutorunPro is a Freeware program which you can use with your CD projects.

If you do not yet have a copy, you can go to the developers download page here: The AutorunPro download link is right at the bottom of the article under the sub-heading "Updated Utility".

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Posted by Angie at 01:54 PM
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