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NO, don't bother! It's a waste of time, and you'll probably just receive lots of unwanted e-mail.

Instead, submit your site to the major search engines and directories (i.e. Google, and a few others). Monitor your results, and resubmit only if your site isn't listed yet.

Repeat this process for any new content you create.

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You *can* use an auto-submission tool, or you can hand-submit to each site. The latter approach takes more time, but at least you know that your site *has* been submitted!

Either way, the site-submission process doesn't take long, but it may well take a few months before your efforts are rewarded by search engine traffic.


Nowadays, your site must be listed on Google.

Google is now *the* dominant search engine on the web. Not only do most people use it for search, but it also provides results for AOL and other major sites.

Submission to Google is easy - you need only submit your home page. Other pages, linked to from the home page, will then get added to Google's database over time.

In fact, you don't actually have to submit your site to Google (Google prefers that you don't). It may well find your site anyway, especially if another site (already on Google) has links to your site.

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It's worth reading what Google says about getting your site listed. (The 'add your site' links follow.)

Google Information for Webmasters -

Add your site to Google -

Add your site to Google UK -


After submitting your site to Google, you should hand-submit your site to these other major search engines and directories, also (listed in alphabetical order):

AltaVista - (Search results are provided by Yahoo!) (Fast Search) - (Search results provided by Yahoo!)

AOL Search - (Search results provided by Google and DMOZ)

MSN (Inktomi Search Index that powers MSN search) -

Open Directory Project (DMOZ) -

Scrub The Web -

Yahoo! directory -

Yahoo! search (new) - Yahoo! registration required. -

Note: regional (and maybe more appropriate) versions of the above search engines exist too.

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These 'add-your-site' lists go out of date, very quickly. So here are a couple more links to similar resources, just in case: - - -
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You can also pay to get your site listed on search engines.

Ask Jeeves, Looksmart, Inktomi (and more) all accept payment for including a particular website page in its database. Take a look at (Inktomi) for more details.

And if you want to pay per click, then can I politely suggest you read my 'Pay Per Click To Guarantee Targeted Traffic!' article -

=> BE LAZY, AND USE THIS AUTO-SUBMIT TOOL is a great free website promotion resource.

And it includes a useful auto-submission tool. The free tool - the first auto-submit tool I ever used!! - submits your site to 13 major search engines. Whilst the paid-for professional tool submits your site each month to 2000 search engines and classifieds -

I recommend hand-submission, but it's your choice!


After a month or so, check to see if your site exists on the particular search engine database.

And only resubmit your site if you can't find it listed.

(Do a search for your website URL; e.g. do a search for .)

Or you could use the following position checking tools, and see how your site ranks for the keyword of ''

- -

Note: there are much more sophisticated ways of checking to see if you need to re-submit your site, but they are out of the scope of this article!


For the programmers out there, you might like to create/modify your own site submission and position checking tools. CGI Resources is the best place to find such resources -

And some site building tools come with automatic site-submission and position-checking tools built in; e.g. Site Build It!


You can find out a great deal more about search engine submission from the following excellent resources. Just do a search for "search engine submission" and off you go! (You can also find out more about paid search engine submissions here too.)


Search engines and directories can still be a great way of getting free traffic to your website. But you only need bother with a few search engines these days (particularly Google). So add your site to the major search engines /directories and monitor results. And only re-submit if your site does not get listed.

Happy submitting!

PS There is much more to website promotion than just submitting your site to search engines. But then you knew that, anyway, didn't you?

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