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What is Dalvik?

If you are like many people you may be wondering what Dalvik is. Anyone using Andriod or any type of Google phone will have heard about Dalvik or will have at least heard the term used. What is Dalvik exactly and how can you benefit from it?

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Using the Motorola Atrix

Have you heard of the Motorola Atrix? This dual core processor is the talk of technology blogs and forums because it is incredibly powerful. This smartphone is one of the latest versions of smartphones to be released by Motorola. It comes with Andriod, which was created by Google and it is one of the best systems available and will be able to provide you with high quality performance along with faster services as well. The dual-core processor features Tegra-2 which is incredibly fast for a smartphone. It provides you with compete mobile service and allows you to use Firefox or to download another browser program of your choice, like Google Chrome for mobile devices.

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The Palm Pre 2

One of the most talked about smartphones is the Palm Pre 2. This new smartphone has some of the same features as the original but the design of it is much nicer and durable. If you are a Verizon Wireless user, you will be happy to hear that the Palm Pre 2 is coming to this network first. Here are some of the specs of the Palm Pre 2:

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Reviewing the Blackberry playbook tablet

Blackberry is one of the largest smartphones on the market with over 50 million subscribers and over 115 million Blackberry's sold, it's safe to say that branching out into the tablet world is something they can take by storm. The Blackberry PlayBook tablet isn't as large as other tablets on the market but it does the job just fine.

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Expanding your mobile world with Windows Phone 7

Would you like to have the latest technology when it comes to smartphones? Windows Phone 7 is turning a lot of heads as its new software has been 2 years in the making and hasn't failed to disappoint.

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