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The Palm Pre 2

One of the most talked about smartphones is the Palm Pre 2. This new smartphone has some of the same features as the original but the design of it is much nicer and durable. If you are a Verizon Wireless user, you will be happy to hear that the Palm Pre 2 is coming to this network first. Here are some of the specs of the Palm Pre 2:

  1. 512 MB of RAM
  2. 1GHz processor
  3. WebOS 2.0 software
  4. Flatter screen

The screen is larger by about .7 inches and it boasts faster boot times compared to the original Palm Pre. It also have more push integration, allowing for Facebook to work better along with several other applications.

Images have been linked of the Palm Pre 2, it features a keyboard that opens and closes behind the device. The design is certainly an improvement upon the Palm Pre but it doesn't have any touchscreen technology. The good news is that Palm is currently working on a fully touch screen device that is slated for 2012 or sooner.

If you are a Sprint customer and the upgrades to the Palm Pre 2 have you frustrated, don't worry a lot because there really isn't a huge change to the phone. It's mostly designed to integrate with Verizon Wireless and it's a little bit faster. Save your money for the touchscreen smartphones they intend to release in 2011 and 2012. The RAM is probably the biggest upgrade and the body style is slightly different with upgrades to the keyboards but other than that it is essentially the same phone.

The original Palm Pre had buttons on the front but these have been removed, making it smooth on the surface. The backplate of the Palm Pre 2 is chargeable, making it ideal for solar charging vests and other devices. The back is also matted versus glossy, so no more fingerprints all over your phone. The keyboard is much nicer because it is a lot faster and more accurate when it comes to inputting your information, this is a major improvement as the original Pre seemed to have a hard time recognizing the information you were typing.

The software is the same with just a few upgrades and the camera and processor haven't changed as well. It boots up a little faster from the original Palm Pre but not by much. It does allows you to browse through website quickly and listen to music at the same time. When it comes to a lot of multitasking with the phone it can handle several things and it doesn't freeze up like other smartphones on the market do. However when you have about 7 to 10 apps open at one time it may run a little slower with facebook and other online programs.

One of the cool features is the Mobile HotSpot. This allows you to see where your have Wi-Fi connections and you can connect to them quickly and easily. The Mobile HotSpot isn't cheap though, Verizon loves to charge extra for all their apps and extra things from ringtones to Navigation systems so you can expect to pay $40 on top of your existing cell phone cost and contract that starts at $100.

The Palm Pre 2 is really designed slightly different for a new network and to reach a new audience of customers so Sprint users aren't going to miss out on anything by not being able to purchase the Palm Pre 2. Verizon customers will pay $150 for the Palm Pre 2 plus you add the contract cost and any addition package plans to it like MMS, SMS, ringtones, and the HotSpot feature.

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