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Reviewing the Blackberry playbook tablet

Blackberry is one of the largest smartphones on the market with over 50 million subscribers and over 115 million Blackberry's sold, it's safe to say that branching out into the tablet world is something they can take by storm. The Blackberry PlayBook tablet isn't as large as other tablets on the market but it does the job just fine.

The Playbook is right in between the Dell Streak and iPad with its 7-inch screen. It weighs less than a pound and it is about 5 inches tall and 7.6 inches wide. It's similar to other tablets as it is very thin and very lightweight, making it easy to read books or to browse the internet.

The Playbook is very impressive and it's geared to give the Apple iPad a real run for it's money. It has a 1 GHz dual-core processor, a micro-HDMI output, 1 GB of RAM, 1080pHD video playbook, dual-core processing, front facing and rear facing cameras that offer both video recording along with still pictures.

If you are already a Blackberry, you will appreciate the PlayBooks integration into the Blackberry world. It supports all the same applications and makes it very easy to transfer over contact lists, emails, Facebook and other programs. It also supports that latest technology from Adobe, Java, WebKit, and Open GL.It does include it's own WiFi connection so you don't need to rely on your smartphone to connect it.

The screen resolution is very clear and pretty impressive for such a small screen and a tablet device. Like other tablet devices, the battery life could still use some improving upon. Since it has a dual-core processor and can support new technology the battery life only works for about 10 hours, which is what the iPad is also capable of. Ten hours of usage is wonderful for tablets and it does last longer from most laptops but the concern is how long the battery can last when you are streaming multiple videos and multitasking on several portals.

The speakers on the Playbook are great and allow you to hear anything you are listening to without any problems. If you plan on sitting back from the Playbook or you are in a loud environment, you can use speakers or ear-buds in order to actually hear. Considering most users are up close and personal with the device, additional speakers aren't really necessary.

The touch-pad of the Playbook is great. Unlike other touch screen devices this one really reacts to you and it's very accurate.The device also isn't hard on the eyes when you are trying to read the screen. It's very easy to adjust if you do feel like the tablet is too bright or too dark just remember the brighter it is, the more battery life it will consume.

So how much does this nifty device cost? Research in Motion (RIM) has yet to release the details on pricing but comparing it to the iPad and all the features it comes with most people are thinking it's going to start at about $400 to $500 in order to stay close to the iPad but to convince people to buy it because it's slightly less expensive than the iPad. Pricing for the Playbook is expected to be officially released in early 2011 as there is new information pertaining to the development of an upgraded iPad and RIM wants to acquire more information about this before they price it and allow Apply to slash the price of the iPad or boast additional storage and other things.

All in all the Blackberry playbook is going to take the market by storm. It already has a lot of people talking and it won't be long before you want to get your hands on this impressive tablet PC.

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