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Expanding your mobile world with Windows Phone 7

Would you like to have the latest technology when it comes to smartphones? Windows Phone 7 is turning a lot of heads as its new software has been 2 years in the making and hasn't failed to disappoint.

Right now smartphones make up about 23% of the mobile phone market but this is continuing to grow are the costs are starting to drop and more people want to have internet access, email, facebook, and other apps right in their pocket.

The new software will make it's debut with AT&T on November 9 and then it will become available for the rest of the wireless provides in 2011. The first phones to have the new technology will run about $200 each and so far there are about 3 phones that will be sold with more expected to come soon as 6 additional phones have already been announced. The phones are designed to offer variety based on the users preferences. Some of the phones will be touchscreen while other smartphones will feature keyboards.

Windows Phone 7 is designed to be in competition with every other smartphone out there, notebaly the phones making a big impact like the Blackberry and iPhone. Microsoft has failed to impress mobile users as most of their designs have failed or been pulled off the market. Earlier in 2010 Microsoft sent the Kin to the stores but after dismal sales and embarrassment, it was pulled within a few weeks.

Microsoft is recovering from the embarrassment by placing more attention on the Windows Phone 7, which has seen its ups and downs as the iPhone was launched and caused some serious setbacks for Microsoft. The Windows Phone 7 is designed to be user friendly and made to satisfy the user in every possible way, giving the user full control over the look and feel of the phone. It allows for automatic updates to go on without taking away from the users other applications as they are using the phone.

The smartphone that will see the biggest competition from the windows Phone 7 is the Andriod. So what can you expect when you get the Windows Phone 7 in your hands? When you first turn it on you will see several icons that you can choose from that include music files, pictures, contacts, etc. Touch on the icon you want or you can choose to scroll from top to bottom to view the different apps that are available.

When you click on a program you will be directed to it but a top heading will stay at the top of each screen, telling you where you are at. This sub-menu is really unique and very clever and sure to wow a lot of people.

Like the Blackberry and Andriod it will collect the information provided by your friends on social networking sites. This allows you to gather information from facebook and twitter so you can continue fueling your social media addiction. With multitouch web-browsing and a smooth touch-screen, it is very easy to get around online and it was designed for the web.

The apps work differently on Windows Phone 7 as they are integrated right into the operating system. This makes it so they aren't like having separate programs as you see with so many other smartphones. The screen is also much larger from other smartphones, making it very easy to read and you do have the option of using a keyboard that locks behind the phone if you aren't a fan of touchscreen.

Windows Phone 7 doesn't sport the HotSpot technology like Andriod and other phones on the market but it is very impressive with other programs like Zune along with video content. There is even talk of video games that can be played on the Windows Phone 7 and integrated with your Xbox 360.

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