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A Facebook phone?

cellphone30365260.jpg Rumors are swirling that Facebook is developing its own cell phone. What would a Facebook phone be exactly? Well the founder of Facebook has explained that they are highly interested in selling cell phones. Google and Apple are forming their own systems so it's not abnormal that Facebook may also be investigating their own cell phone. In order for Facebook to expand its abilities, Facebook must be deeply embedded in the phones operating system. Especially people's contact lists that are on the social networking site. In order to make this possible everything on the phone would need to be Facebook friendly. The theory of a Facebook phone seems understandable. But there is still one question. Who would buy a Facebook phone? Phones are often purchased by everyday people who find something enticing about a particular product. Google on launching its Nexus one, seemed to believe it could just put its product online and people would just be fascinated, unfortunately that didn't work as well as they hoped. Facebook taking this dilemma into consideration has asked themselves these questions:

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Pros and cons of videocasting versus podcasting

There are pros and cons of both video casting and pod casting, so let's take a look at them:

Video casting has a pro over pod casting in that video casting is video that has audio, and pod casting is just audio. Therefore it has more appeal because people like to see things not just hear them. Therefore, pod casting's con is that it is only audio, so less people will likely listen to it than would view the same material in a video cast.

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How to alert your subscribers of a new videocast posting

So, you have a new video cast posting, and you want to let people know that it is available, but you aren't sure how. So, how do you alert your subscribers, and others, of a new video cast posting?

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5 Tips For Setting Up Your Video Podcasting Website

Setting up a video podcasting website can make anyone a movie producer.All you need to do is make your movie and find your audience by creating a video podcast. Visitors sign up once to watch your video, and from then on, any new videos you create are automatically downloaded onto their computers. It doesn't get much easier than that.

Video Podcasting is also known as a podcast, vodcast or even a vlog. It reaches people who watch videos on portable players such as the Apple iPod.

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Direct TV Forum

It used to be that when customers had questions or problems, they called up the customer service support center. This could mean being put on hold for long periods of time or being transferred to a variety of different departments while waiting to find answers.

Now, however, thanks to the internet, questions can be answered in a variety of ways. One valuable source of information is the company's website itself. Direct TV has put together an informative website,, designed specifically to help their customers and potential customers find the information they're seeking about Direct TV products, services, and troubleshooting questions. The website is broken down into a number of categories that includes information on pricing, packages, troubleshooting, and contact information.

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Using social networking for business purposes

womanwithlaptop30719408.jpg Chances are, you've heard of social networking sites. Places like myspace, facebook, and LinkedIn are some of the most commonly visited sites on the web. While many people think social networking sites are limited to such things as catching up with friends or dating, there are many people who turn to social networking for business purposes.

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