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Reaching business goals

Business goals are key to successful operation of a business. If you want to have cash flow, and succeed financially as a business, you have to have some goals, and a plan with steps that you can implement to reach said goals. Having a goal is not enough, and obscure or vague goals are not enough. Consider the following steps for how you can reach your business goals, and become successful:

1. Have a strong foundation. It is really important to start with a self-evaluation. Asses your resources, and what you have available to dedicate to your goals. Then establish the values and factors that will drive your business forward. Figure out what will motivate you, how you will use your resources, and what you can do with what you have. If you have more time than money, for example, develop a marketing campaign that is grass roots, that involves direct contact, and time.
2. Profitability. This has to be your number one priority if you want your business to succeed. What this means for a business is being extremely thrifty. Do not spend any money that is not necessary, and will not directly drive your business to profitability. It always pays off to learn to run your business well on a tight budget. Make thrift part of your company motto.
3. Add in processes and resources. As you grow, and you figure out how to stay in the black, it is time to make a formula so that it is not by chance, but by plan. Document the processes and formulas that have lead to your success so that you can keep them in place as you grow, adjusting them as needed for constant improvement. Add in resources as you have them available, but keep thrift in mind as you go along.
4. Be reliable. No matter which Wal-Mart you walk into, the products and goods offered are going to be in the same relative location, the signage will be the same, employee uniforms, etc. Apply this concept to your business. Look at McDonald's they are all the same, which means they have successfully taken the processes and documented them, and then used them to open new chains all over the world. Did you know that over 90 percent of McDonald's that are opened succeed, and are profitable within a few years? That is an incredible number.Use scale elements, document your processes, and use this to get your product or service out to the masses.
5. Stay focused. Do not lose sight of your goals. It is easy to get caught up in the day to day operations of the business and lose sight of the progression or lack thereof that your company is making. Do you want to wake up five years from now and be no better off and no further along with your business then you are today? Constantly work toward the goals and success you want, reminding yourself why you are doing all of it.

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