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Business continues to grow on the Internet at a rapid pace. There is an abundance of products and services to be enjoyed, and one can find most anything on the WWW.

Unfortunately being a new frontier, there are also many dangers and scam artists who would rob you of your pleasant experiences. As a result you are bound to come across some inconsiderate service, a product of poor quality or worse still some unscrupulous business practices.

What steps can you take in preventing this from happening and how can you warn others. Are there places on the Internet that you can go to and file a complaint? Yes. Just as with offline businesses you can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Do this online at: There is also the Better Business Bureau Online organization at:

Another site developed with the sole purpose of good relations and business ethics between corporations and consumers on the Internet is the Netcheck Commerce Bureau. This agency has 700 corporate members in about 80 countries. One can visit Netcheck's site and register consumer complaints about anything from unsolicited e-mail to copyright disputes. Also a place is provided where you can compliment a company. You can visit the site at:

I would recommend that you also visit the Consumer sites where you can go to check and report on the services and products of Internet businesses. Individuals can post their experiences warning others of poor service or scams. There you can read the comments of others as well, thereby minimizing the chances of falling victim to shady practices, false promises or poor quality products. Some of the sites offering such services are as follows:

By visiting these sites before your business ventures, you may be able to avoid some of the snares set by unscrupulous persons. Remember there are many good businesses and wonderful opportunities to explore. With a little caution your experiences on the World Wide Web can be both stimulating and prosperous.

by Doran Roggio


The author, Doran Roggio, owns her own Computer Tutor business and is an Internet Marketer. You can visit her at: with your computer questions. She also publishes the Lighthouse, a weekly Internet guide packed full of computer tips, marketing strategies, cool sites and software, Submit:

Posted by Angie at August 26, 2004 12:29 PM
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