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Things to consider before buying a camcorder

Camcorder can be lots of fun, if you are trying to capture your kid's first steps, or the winning goal at the soccer game, but they can also be used in many different business applications as well. Best of all where camcorders were once bulky and hard to use, today's camcorders are lightweight and easy to operate. However, there are several different things that you should take into account, before just buying the first on you see. If you have a clear understanding of these factors, you are much more likely to end up with the camcorder that will best fit your needs. Here are some things to consider before buying a camcorder-

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High tech camcorders you want to own

camcorder39174467.jpgIf you are in the market, for a camcorder, there are several things that you should consider before just buying the first one you find on sale. Knowing and understanding these features will help you find a high tech camcorder that you want to own-

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Why you should look at the camcorder digital reviews?

Why you should look at the camcorder digital reviews? The more information you can get before you make your digital camcorder purchase the better. The reason is that each style, price and manufacturer has different options and specs.

Finding the right camcorder can be very hard, being that there are several hundred to choose from. Therefore it is very important to understand what are available options to choose from.

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Why to buy the Canon Mini DV Digital video camcorder?

Where to buy the Canon Mini DV digital video camcorder? There are different reasons to buy the Canon Mini DV digital video camcorder. There are many places that you can purchase this type of digital camcorder. The main thing, is finding the digital camcorder and accessories for the best price.

There are a few different Canon Mini DV digital video camcorders. At this point it is a good idea to review a few different ones, and then find the best places to get them online.

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Where to find the best prices on digital camcorders?

Where to find the best prices on digital camcorders? You can find digital camcorders all over anymore. However, finding the best price may take a little searching. You can find good priced digital camcorders at stores like Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and other media stores. However, to get the best deal it is a great idea to start your search on the Internet.

Each of these sites has their suggestion of the best-priced digital camcorder. So it will be up to you, to decide which is the best price for you. However, here are some suggestions.

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Where to find digital video camcorder reviews?

Where to find digital video camcorder reviews? There are many reviews available on digital video camcorders. The main thing is to find reliable information that will make it easier for you to be able to choose the best digital video camcorder for you. has good information about several different brands. They show information for Sony, Canon, Panasonic, JVC, Hitachi, Sanyo and Samsung.

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What is a pure digital video camcorder?

If you decide to buy a digital video camcorder, the next choice is what kind to buy.There are three main options, based on the format in which the videos are stored.Tape based models store the videos on tape.Disc models store the information on DVD discs and pure digital recorders store the information to a removable storage device (flash drive) or an external hard drive.

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What do the consumer reports say about digital video camcorders?

The consumer reports digital video camcorders rated 45 camcorders.The following five models topped the list.

Canon DC40-This DVD camcorder costs around $600 but can be found for as little as $510.Probably the main reason that this camera tops the list is the picture quality, especially under low light.Another bonus is the ease of using the camera.It has simple, VCR control buttons allowing the user to easily take video and view their recent videos.The specs include 4.3 mega pixels and 10X optical zoom.

Complaints about this model are primarily related to the software that accompanies the camera and difficulties in saving the video file onto a computer.

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What digital video recorder digital camcorder products are available?

There are a lot of digital video recorder products currently available.The products are getting smaller and the technology is getting better so fast that the products are changing all the time.Some of your big choices right now, when trying to decide on the digital video recorder that is right for you are recording format, image quality, and zooming power.

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Using a digital video camcorder under water

If you want to use a digital video camcorder under water, you have two options, one option is to buy an underwater digital recorder and the other option is to buy a waterproof housing for you regular digital recorder.

There are a number of options when looking to by an underwater video camera.If the camera will be your only camera, you will probably want to be able to use it on land and in the water.This is a pricey feature however, and if you are buying the camcorder to just use under the water, you will not want to pay for this feature.Other, more technical features deal with lighting.If you are not a skilled photographer, you will want automatic lighting functions.If you will be diving deeply or in dark water, having an exernal flash is also a good idea.

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Pros and cons of a Sony digital camcorder

What are the pros and cons of a Sony digital camcorder? The Sony digital camcorder has many pros and a few cons. The main thing to look at is if the pros will weigh out for your needs against the cons.

Here are the pros:

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Comparison of digital video camcorders

When shopping for a digital video camcorder, there are several key features that make one camera different from the next.Fortunately, these key features are all simply listed as "specs" and you can do most of your comparison-shopping from the information available on the internet (or on the tags if you are shopping at a store).Compare the following key features and when you have selected a couple of cameras that might be right for you, try them out and see which one fits your hand better before making your final decision.

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A buyer's guide to digital video camcorders

When you are shopping for a camcorder, there will be a lot of options in a pretty wide price range.In order to narrow down your options, there are a couple of questions that you should ask yourself. Once you know exactly what you are looking for, it will be much easier to find the right camera for the right price.

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Where to find professional digital video camcorders

Becoming serious about video production, whether professionally, or just as a serious hobby, means that it is important to have a professional tool to get the best results possible. If you are new to this level of digital video making, then you are probably wondering where to go to shop for a professional grade digital video camera. Well it can be difficult to find professional grade video cameras to buy off the shelf at local businesses. There isn't a huge enough demand for businesses to carry those types of products in the store, but that doesn't mean they don't sell them. Go online and read about different models of professional grade cameras. Compare different prices before going into a store. Once in the store, ask for help ordering the camera from a catalog. Before ordering, check and see about warrantee options, pricing, shipping, etc. It may turn out that an internet business may be the better choice for purchase.

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Creating digital video with a non-digital camcorder

Some people think that the digital age is leaving their perfectly fine analog camera in the dust to be junked with all of the other things that have become obsolete because of technology. This is not so. A non-digital camcorder, such as an 8mm, hi 8mm, VHS, VHS-C, or even Super VHS can be used to create nice looking video projects. There is a piece of equipment that is needed in order to create the digital information these dinosaur pieces of history have to offer. It is called a digital video creator. This piece of equipment takes the analog signal produced by the device and turns it into digital information that is then captured and compressed into a file on the computer. With this done, the file can then be processed further with editing, special effects, and eventually burned to a DVD. This is exciting news for people who want to preserve their old video tapes, or just don't feel like spending more money on a digital camcorder.

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What digital camcorders record straight to DVD

The more and more people become aware of the digital technology available to the everyday consumer, the more and more companies realize that the most easy-to-use products are going to sell the best. If anyone chooses to buy a digital video camera it is because they eventually want to get that video onto a DVD. Now if you find yourself being a person that wants to go digital, but don't want to spend time transferring, editing, and burning video on DVDs, then the camera companies have an option that just might be what you're looking for. MiniDVD Camcorders are regular digital video camcorders that record straight to little miniDVDs. After the video has been taken, the finalized miniDVD can be placed straight into the tray of a regular DVD player and enjoyed right away. The number one benefit to this method is that the video is preserved digitally on a format that can physically preserve the information for a long time and instantly can be instantly accessed for viewing. No rewinding, no broken tapes, no nothing.

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Do you need a hi8 digital video camcorder firewire?

The big question people ask who are unaware of what firewire is and what it is capable of doing ask, "do I need firewire support on my computer for my hi8 digital video camcorder (digital 8)?" The answer used to be yes. Firewire was the first way to connect devices to the computer and transfer large amounts of information at a really fast speed. It quickly caught on as a great way to run video and capture the information into a program because it could transfer quickly enough to keep up with the speed of the tape. For a long time, firewire was the only way to transfer big amounts of information without dedicating entire afternoons to large file transfers because USB 1.0 is so darn slow. The only reason the answer to the firewire question is no longer a resounding yes is because of the introduction of USB 2.0. USB 2.0 transfers even faster, in fact much faster than firewire did. Because computers are running fast, have more memory, and people are continually having less time, bigger tempers, and no patience, USB 2.0 was developed to handle all of the media people transfer to and from their computers such as an Ipod, digital camera, a digital camcorder, etc.

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Where to find digital video camcorder camera ratings reviews

Before going out and buying that camcorder that looks so nice in the Best Buy catalog that came in the Sunday ads of the newspaper, maybe think about reading some reviews about that camera and other cameras in its class and see how it compares with cameras all around. Maybe it doesn't shoot well in low light, maybe its awesome for sporting events. Or maybe it just passes all of the major tests with flying colors except that is has an annoying hum while it records that shows up in the audio of the videos that it produces. That really would have been nice to know $800 ago, right? Well there are sources that explain exactly what these digital video camcorders can and can't do.

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Where to go to rent a miniDV digital video camcorder

Some people when they get right down to the bottom of things realize that they cannot afford to buy a MiniDV Digital Video Camera. But what about little Susie's ballet recital tomorrow night? That is one precious memory that cannot be passed by. So what do you do? Go and rent a MiniDV digital video camera.

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