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What digital video recorder digital camcorder products are available?

There are a lot of digital video recorder products currently available.The products are getting smaller and the technology is getting better so fast that the products are changing all the time.Some of your big choices right now, when trying to decide on the digital video recorder that is right for you are recording format, image quality, and zooming power.

Probably the biggest difference between the different video products currently on the market is related to where the sounds and images are recorded.Of course, we are talking about digital cameras so everything is recorded digitally, but where the digital code is physically located is a big difference between video recorders.

The most popular camcorders are called MiniDVs and they record on to little cassette tapes.These tapes are inexpensive (about four dollars each) and this recording format preserves the incoming information better than any of the other formats.This is because there is almost no compression of the files when they are saved on tape.The down side of the MiniDV recorder is that if you want to access the files by way of your computer (which you will have to do if you are going to use editing software) you have to import the video to your computer.This process is rather slow as you will only be able to import about a foot of tape per minute.

DVD camcorders are another option.The DVDs are regular DVDs that cost less than a dollar each and as soon as the footage is taken, you can pop the DVD into your DVD player to watch it.That's the good news.The bad new that getting the DVD file into an editable file is very difficult.You can't just save the file onto your computer and edit it.If you plan on editing your videos, rather than just watching, it might be a good idea to look at the reports on how easy it is to convert the video from the particular camera that you are considering.

Hard drive and flash drive video recorders are becoming more popular, although the technology still hasn't caught up with the MiniDvs.Cameras that recordto a hard drive or a flash drive are the very easiest to edit.You can easily save the file onto your computer to make copies, send the video as a file, or edit it.In the future, these types of cameras will probably become more popular than the MiniDvs.

Within each recording format, there are different features available.Two of the most important features are optical zoom, and ports (inports and outports).The more optical zoom your camera has, the better off you will be.While you might by a camera with more mega pixels than you will ever need, you can never have too much zoom.The same is true for ports.Generally, the more ports you have the more accessible your videos are going to be, for viewing and for editing.

After you have narrowed down your camera options based on the camera features, you might want to find out what accessories are available for your camera model.You might not think that you are going to need an underwater housing and a set of red lighst and UV filters-but if you do need them, it would be nice if they were available, wouldn't it?If you are shopping for a camera, go to the company website and make sure that there are plenty of accessory options for your camera.Look for fitted cases, underwater casings, extended battery packs, and consider your lens, filter, and lighting options.

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