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What is a pure digital video camcorder?

If you decide to buy a digital video camcorder, the next choice is what kind to buy.There are three main options, based on the format in which the videos are stored.Tape based models store the videos on tape.Disc models store the information on DVD discs and pure digital recorders store the information to a removable storage device (flash drive) or an external hard drive.

Of the three types of cameras, the pure digital video recorder is the newest technology.Just as itunes or similar music file programs are slowly replacing hard copies of music, the electronically stored recordings will probably replace the hard copies.This is true if for no other reason than space.You can store 1000s of videos in the files of your home computer.These files can be copied to an external hard drive and saved in a safe place no larger than a mailbox.This makes storage, organization, and preservation of the videos much easier than having a bunch of hard copies lying around.

One company has specialized in making pure digital video camcorders.This company, called Pure Digital has a pure video camcorder that might help revolutionize digital video.This camcorder is pocket sized and simple to use.It doesn't require any storage devices at all; electronic or otherwise.Instead, up to 30 minutes of video is stored right inside the machine.

One of the best features of this video recorder is that the software is built right into the camera.If you take video with this camera you will be able to attach it to any computer and immediate post your to the web.The videos can be stored online with Google Video or Grouper Networks.Files can also be shared, emailed, or turned into video greeting cards.All of these programs are built into the camera.

With the Pure Digital recorder, you are not limited to viewing the files via the computer or the web.There is still the possibility of putting your videos on DVDs; this can be done at any CVS/pharmacy.In the time it takes to go grocery shopping, your electronic videos can be transferred to a DVD.

A big selling point of the Pure Digital camcorder is the on-the-fly editing features.You will be able to look at your video immediately after shooting.You can then delete any of the footage that you don't want.All's it takes is a press of a button.Since on of the drawbacks of the Pure Digital camcorder is that is only allows you to take 20 to 30 minutes of video, this delete function is almost mandatory.

If you have a digital camera and enjoy the ease with which you can share your photos on line, and you enjoy the ability to get prints made whenever you want, you will likely enjoy the same features on the Pure Digital camcorder.

Possibly the best thing about this camcorder, however, is the describes the Pure Digital Point and Shoot Camcorder as "A nearly disposable digital camcorder".Weighing in at about $100 for the device, this camcorder costs less than most digital still cameras.It is also simple enough to work that even a child can operate it.

However, this technology is still quite new.The memory space is quite small and there is no way to add additional memory.The recorder is convenient, but you won't be using it to record professional quality videos.It really might be thought of as a disposable video recorder because it is "quick and dirty", more like a camera for snapshots than for portraits.Often that is all that people want.

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