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Pros and cons of a Sony digital camcorder

What are the pros and cons of a Sony digital camcorder? The Sony digital camcorder has many pros and a few cons. The main thing to look at is if the pros will weigh out for your needs against the cons.

Here are the pros:

  1. Price! The price is great. They offer good digital camcorders at reasonable prices. This digital camcorder does not carry the highest price, but does offer some great features.
  2. Features. There are a wide variety of features available on these Sony digital camcorders.
    • Black and white viewfinder and a 2.5 LCD. (this LCD even works well in sunlight)
    • A decent built in speaker.
    • There are both picture effects and digital effects.
    • There are several A/V fader modes.
  3. Picture Quality. These digital camcorders offer a higher level of quality pictures and footage.
  4. Memory Stick Capability. This makes it possible to take still photos and short MPEG clips.
  5. Analog Inputs. These inputs include pass through.
  6. USB. This makes for easier connectivity and transfer.

Here are the cons:

  1. Short life of Batteries. The battery life is just not as long as preferred. Therefore it will be important to make sure that you have back up batteries.
  2. The only way to make batteries last longer is to turn off the LCD screen.

Here are some additional explanations of the features that Sony digital camcorders offer.

The picture has vivid colors, and captures well-defined subjects that will not distort over time because they are in digital form.

The Sony camcorders generally come with 12-Bit and 16-Bit mode. This makes it possible to have two stereo sound tracks in 12-Bit mode. For better sound though you can go single, and use the 16-Bit mode.

The optical zoom on a digital camcorder needs to be at least 10X. The Sony digital camcorder comes with 25X for optical zoom. This also comes with the 700X digital zoom, which compliments this.

There are several input options for the Sony digital cameras. Here is a list of acceptable input options.

  • A/V in and out
  • S- video in and out
  • ILink in and out (fire wire for Sony)
  • Headphone out
  • Microphone out
  • USB this if for simple transfer to PC
  • Remote control that includes a rocker switch to control zoom, a record and stop, and playback
  • The power cord can be connected when the Sony digital camcorder is off. This will recharge the battery. The stamina power management allows for half use of the normal battery. There is an accupower meter that allows you to know how much battery life you have left
  • When you want to conserve battery, remember to close the LCD screen

The Sony digital camcorders are a good option for making digital movies. This is primarily due to ease of use, functions, and picture quality. You can go with the manual method, or auto method for many settings. This is greatly dependant on your level of video capturing skill.

Keeping these pros and cons in mind while you do your homework for the right digital camcorder you are looking for, will help you to know that Sony can offer you just what you are looking for.

You can check out some good reviews on the Internet that show the benefits and much more to using the Sony digital camcorders.

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