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What to look for in a PDA

Because of the number of PDA's that are available on the market, it can be confusing and overwhelming, trying to pick out the right one, for you. Many people are confused as to whether they should look for a PDA that has the latest features, or choose a specific feature that will help them the most. Taking the time to carefully evaluate each PDA will help you make the right decision, when purchasing a PDA. Because buying a PDA can be a significant investment, it is important to clearly understand what you are looking for. Here is what to look for in a PDA-

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Things you should consider before buying a PDA

There are plenty of factors that you should consider before buying any piece of technology, and this is especially true, if you are going to be buying a PDA. Today, there is a wide variety of options that are available in the marketplace. Choosing a PDA means that you have to decide on a brand, and then a model, and then decide which model has the options that you need and finally, you have to make sure that the options that are available, can really do what you want them to. Once you have made all of those decisions, you are then left trying to decide what kind of software you need to choose, for your PDA.

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RIM gets a facelift thanks to Blackberry 6

cellphones37025442.jpgThe Blackberry is a device that many people just cannot live without. The ability to have the internet, email, and your Excel spreadsheets in your pocket can make your business or personal life a lot easier. Now Blackberry is getting ready for a new launch, look, and design with the Blackberry 6.

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Gearing up for the new iTouch

womanlookingaroundcorner23505855.jpgWe all have one.We use it all the time.While walking, running, working out or just cleaning the house.Some of us have lost ours, have worn it out, replaced it and upgraded.Now, the newest version is coming out and we just can't wait.The new iPod iTouch.It is new and improved and ready to face the world of technology.There have been additions and upgrades that our supposed to "knock our socks off" and impress us.Let's get ready.

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Andriod apps you need to have

pda30321865.jpgIs it time to upgrade your cell phone? Have you had the same flip phone for the past few years and you know you are missing out on something?Here is a phone for you, it has internet capability hundreds of applications you can choose from and it can multitask.The Motorola Android is your phone.Besides the few things mentioned before, the applications are endless and easy to find and download; and the best part, most of them are free.Finding the applications that work for you is the fun part.If you find an application you think you like, you download it and find that you don't like it; you can delete it with one touch of your finger, that easy.

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How to choose between a PDA and a Blackberry

womanpondering16341449.jpgIn this world of "take it with you" technology, many people find themselves debating between a PDA and a Blackberry. There are several factors listed here that can help clarify the situation and help you choose the right one. Here is what you need to know about how to choose between a PDA and a Blackberry-

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Using a Blackberry or PDA

PDA34912348.jpgIf you are debating between a Blackberry andPDA, here are some helpful pointers that may help you make your decision.

A PDA is short for Personal Digital Assistant. A PDA is a small, handheld computer that comes with Microsoft programs like Word, Excel, and Office Outlook. A PDA has several different uses like email, a calendar, clock, calculator, organizer, and storage capabilities for documents. Several people will connect to the internet with them and keep up with the latest information, play games, send email, etc. PDAs also have the ability to record and upload videos. A PDA also comes with a global positioning device, which can be used to help you get from one location to another.

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