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Using a Blackberry or PDA

PDA34912348.jpgIf you are debating between a Blackberry andPDA, here are some helpful pointers that may help you make your decision.

A PDA is short for Personal Digital Assistant. A PDA is a small, handheld computer that comes with Microsoft programs like Word, Excel, and Office Outlook. A PDA has several different uses like email, a calendar, clock, calculator, organizer, and storage capabilities for documents. Several people will connect to the internet with them and keep up with the latest information, play games, send email, etc. PDAs also have the ability to record and upload videos. A PDA also comes with a global positioning device, which can be used to help you get from one location to another.

As technology grows, so does the PDA. In the past they only came with two-tone screens, now they have full-color screens. They can also be used as a portable phone and media player. A PDA includes touch screen features and it can send faxes via email. You can purchase a keyboard for the PDA if you prefer to type instead of using the stylus to touch the screen.

PDAs feature memory card slots, allowing you to expand the memory of the PDA and transfer the memory card to another computer to upload the data. The memory cards can be used for WI-FI access and they tend to carry more data than the internal memory.

One of the nice features of a PDA is that it can easily synchronize with a laptop and desktop computer. This allows you to update your Microsoft office products and sync them together so you are always receiving the correct information, allowing you to stay on task. The nice part about syncing the PDA with your computer is that it allows you to view any differences, so you don't lose any valuable information.

A Blackberry on the other hand is primarily designed as a phone. Blackberry's allow you to automatically download your email, news, and other updates. It is one of the first devices to use this type of "push" technology. This helps individuals that don't want to worry about connecting to the internet to update their email inbox and send messages. Instead, everything is instant. You also have the ability to connect to the internet and browse around.

The Blackberry uses RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds to instantly update your phone with new emails and other news. RSS feeds are used on the internet to automatically update users web pages with new information. The Blackberry is the only device that uses RSS feeds, while other phones use the internet connection to update the emails and other news.

Like the PDA, a Blackberry provides the user with more features like email, calendars, data storage, etc. The Blackberry is designed to send quick messages while the PDA is used to send longer messages. PDAs and Blackberry devices do come with a big price tag. The more expensive they get, the more features you have available.

When you are debating between the two, determine what your need is. If you need to stay in touch with business associates via email, a Blackberry may be the way to go. However, if you need wireless internet access, email, calendar access, and Microsoft products, the PDA may be a better option. Blackberry devices normally meet all the needs you have for a smaller price tag.

One way to determine if you need a Blackberry or a PDA is to calculate how much time you spend using your current cell phone and organization device. If you spend a lot of time on small emails, the Blackberry may be the way to go. Larger emails automatically mean you need the PDA.

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