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Gearing up for the new iTouch

womanlookingaroundcorner23505855.jpgWe all have one.We use it all the time.While walking, running, working out or just cleaning the house.Some of us have lost ours, have worn it out, replaced it and upgraded.Now, the newest version is coming out and we just can't wait.The new iPod iTouch.It is new and improved and ready to face the world of technology.There have been additions and upgrades that our supposed to "knock our socks off" and impress us.Let's get ready.

The first item we have heard about with the iTouch is a camera.So far, we have had a camera on our cell phones and digital cameras of course, but now, the iTouch.The second part about a camera, there may be more than one.Of course you get a camera to take pictures and do some video, but there is talk about there being FaceTime video calling.Can it be really true? Not just one camera, but two, that come with 5-megapixels, HD video recording, a flash included, YouTube and the FaceTime video calling.You can basically do it all with an iTouch.Record your child soccer game, listen to music, watch a video and take a picture of you and your significant other on vacation.What more could you ask for?Keep reading.

Another great feature that is being updated is the iTouch Wi-Fi capability.You will be able to access the internet more frequently with ease.Having Wi-Fi on your iTouch will give you endless possibilities.You will be able to access for applications to download on your iTouch and you will also be able to use GPS.Using the Maps application included with GPS, you will be able to navigate your way around new cities and the city you currently live in.Finding new places is an adventure, let the iTouch help you do that.

A great addition the iPod iTouch is receiving is the improved memory capacity and the new memory chips.The new memory capacity is being improved to 128GB.Think of the endless possibilities you will have with that amount of memory.The new memory chip is the new NAND flash memory chips.You can't go wrong with having a memory chips.You will have all your information right there for whenever you need it.One of the most exciting and well worth the wait is the improved battery life.Every piece of technology we have never lasts long enough.Now, we have it.You can use your applications for as long as your need to.

A couple other new options that will help the improvement of the iTouch, is the increased speed it will have.You will be able to navigate around faster and with more ease, accomplishing more than you were able to before.The next option added is the multi-tasking background.You will be able to open and application and while it is loading or you are taking a break, you can open another application at the same time.Being able to view more than one application will help you to accomplish more tasks and be more productive.Plus being able to get work done and taking a five minute break and play a game can be good for the soul.

It is very exciting that the new iPod iTouch is going to be on the market soon, but expect the worst to happen.You may pick up the iTouch and find that it is not everything that you wanted.The applications may still run slow and you may not get the clear pictures you thought you would with the camera.Remember there are pros and cons to everything and we all like and dislike different things.

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