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RIM gets a facelift thanks to Blackberry 6

cellphones37025442.jpgThe Blackberry is a device that many people just cannot live without. The ability to have the internet, email, and your Excel spreadsheets in your pocket can make your business or personal life a lot easier. Now Blackberry is getting ready for a new launch, look, and design with the Blackberry 6.

RIM - research in motion recently announced the new Blackberry 6 at a company conference in Canada. The big event was toasted with the crem-de-la-crem as Queen Elizabeth II was there to look at the new phone and met with RIM. Since RIM has been faced with challenges from the Apple iPhone and the new Google phone, Andriod, the new Blackberry 6 has a lot of hype and anticipation surrounding it.

Why are Blackberry users un-impressed with it? Comparing Blackberry to other phones such as the android or iPhone, you will see that you have about 7,000 apps available. This number is quite mediocre when you compare it to the iPhone and their 225,000 apps.

The Blackberry used to be the latest thing on the technology market and just about everyone that loved the latest gadgets had to have one. With so many technical issues plaguing the Blackberry such as it's limited internet browsing capabilities, it really leaves the Blackberry to basic things like email, phone services, talking, and reading documents on Word.

In order to gain customers again, Blackberry 6 is promising a number of unique features and upgrades to existing features. While you may never may have as many apps available for the Blackberry as you do for the android or the iPhone, it will get better.

The good news for Blackberry is that they are still the leader in smartphones. They have about 41 percent of the market in North America, which is a nice chunk to own considering what their competition is. With about 46 million users walking around with a Blackberry, RIM has hope that their customers are going to trade in their old devices for the new ones that are sleeker, sexier, and a come with the latest and greatest technology.

RIM will make money off the app by getting people to start paying for them. RIM has already seen an increase in the cost per user as it is up to about $140 a month versus $90. This subscription will pay for the email services, phone services, internet, and many other things. Some of the apps will be free but there are a lot you will pay for like the GPS service.

What makes the Blackberry 6 so impressive to users is the data capabilities and the stronger security features to keep your phone safe. Because of the tighter security features on the Blackberry, businesses have always looked at them as the best phones for their company compared to the flashy iPhone that is geared toward gamers and music lovers.

Blackberry does have it's work cut out for it since the new iPhone is being launched and they have gone another step further by placing a camera on the front and back of the phone so you can interact in web chat sessions. The iPhone is also really cool to look at and handle as it is made with a protective glass covering. It's sleek design has the Blackberry running for cover and if Apple keeps it up, it won't be long until businesses finally cave and give into it instead of only certifying the Blackberry.

Unfortunately for the Blackberry 6, the warm reception they were expecting is gone and people aren't all that impressed. There is promise of new designs, better software, and an overall savvy phone. However promised don't put the phone in your hands now so you be the judge when it comes to the latest and greatest for smartphones.

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