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Andriod apps you need to have

pda30321865.jpgIs it time to upgrade your cell phone? Have you had the same flip phone for the past few years and you know you are missing out on something?Here is a phone for you, it has internet capability hundreds of applications you can choose from and it can multitask.The Motorola Android is your phone.Besides the few things mentioned before, the applications are endless and easy to find and download; and the best part, most of them are free.Finding the applications that work for you is the fun part.If you find an application you think you like, you download it and find that you don't like it; you can delete it with one touch of your finger, that easy.

When you pick up your Android phone, your new phone will be synced with your Google email account.You now have access to your email all day every day.And since you have that, you will be able to access anything related to Google.You will have your internet Google search, which will search the internet for any website you are looking for.The next Google application you have to downlaod is Google Maps.It's your own free GPS device.Once you have it downloaded, you Android will know right where you are and will be able to direct you anywhere you want to go.Type in what you are looking for or an address and you will be there.The best part, Google Maps will send you updates, so you will also have the most current road information.A great safety feature that Google has offered is Pet Android and Talkback.These two applications will allow you to be hands free while you drive.You will be able to talk into your phone Android and the application will carry out your voice command.You will be able to send texts thru voice command and have texts read to you.

Need some games while you sit and wait at the doctor's office or you need a five minute break at work?Take your pick of game applications you can download.You can find your favorite games for the 1980 and 1990 and you can even find new games that you have never heard about.Once you have your game application downloaded, you will be able to play at your convenience.And just like your Google Maps application, your gaming applications will send you the most recent downloads to keep your games up to date with new options.

Are you a world traveler just going on your first trip to Europe and you have no idea how to speak any foreign language.Look up the Star Translate application.The Start Translate application is not only a translator but a dictionary also.It knows 44 different languages that will help guide you thru learning the basic language or translating a word for you.The Star Translate application will also convert text on your phone, same with a SMS message, into the language you desire.

An application that can be helpful for children to learn is the The Voice application.This application is combined with sonar and the live camera.It will enable you to take a picture of something and it will tell you what it is.Along with telling what the object is, it will describe the object to you, include color, and words that are located on it.You can even point it at a sign and it will read it aloud to you.This application is great for any with vision impairment.

There are many different applications available for the Android.Take some time and find the applications that will fit you and your personality.

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