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Questions to ask before starting a small business

Many business owners think that all they need to start a small business is a great product or service. The reality is that starting a small business involves a lot of planning and research. If you are dreaming of starting your own small business you should be prepared to take the time and make the effort to do the right amount of research. When you do this you are far more likely to end up starting the right type of small business that will best meet your needs. These questions will also help you to plan out your small business in a way that increases it chances of being successful. Here are some questions to ask before starting a small business-

- How much do you want to work? It is important to have a clear idea of just how much you want to work. Are you looking for a part time job to supplement your income or fill some time? Are you looking to create your own job or make a career change? How much you want to work will have a direct effect on the type of small business that you choose to start.
- What is your experience and expertise in? It is crucial that you understand how important it is to start a small business in an area that you know about. You should not let the glamour or excitement of a certain kind of business make you think that you can start a business in that industry. There is simply not a substitute for experience and expertise. The bottom line is that while you don't need to know everything about a particular industry you should at least have a working knowledge of it.
- Do you have money to start a small business? The bottom line is that no matter how great your small business idea is you will need money to turn it from an idea to a small business. The reality is that most small businesses require some substantial money to get them up and running. You will need to consider your small business idea in terms of how much money you will need to get it started. Once you have an idea of how much money you will need it will be time to begin assessing your small business financing options. Finally, it is important to keep in mind that if your small business is going to be your means of support you should understand that most likely it will not be profitable for at least a year. This means that you will need an alternative means of paying your bills.
- Are you making this long term career change? Another important consideration that small business owners should make is determining how long they want to be in business. While most small business owners plan on operating their company for the foreseeable future others will only want a temporary job as a small business owners. The reason that this is crucial is that your business plan will be much different for a fad or trend business then it would be for a small business that is being planned to last for the years to come.
- What will you need to start your business? Finally, it is important to consider what you will need for your small business. The bottom line is that the more equipment and other supplies that you need the more it will cost to start your small business. In addition, if you need vendors then you will have to begin researching what is available, as well. It is important to have a clear idea of exactly what you will need down to the smallest details.

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