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Tips for getting more from your business

If you want to get more from your business, more productivity, more profitability, and more pleasure, consider the following tips:

Tip one- Hire the right people.
Experience matters, but willingness to learn matters more. Certain skills are teachable, but a willingness to learn, and aptitude are not, thus, when hiring, instead of looking for someone who has done it before, look for someone who is willing and capable of doing the job.
Use testing to figure out aptitude of potential employees. A full proof hiring system doesn't use gut instincts, but tried and true tests to determine who is a good fit for your company, who can learn, and who will represent your brand the way you want it represented. Remember, people matter, choose the right ones to help your business grow.

Tip two- Be the boss.
While it is all good and well to make employees happy, and hope they feel good at work, it is more important to have efficient and productive employees. This might mean firing someone not doing their job, or calling them out on it. The truth is, if you want more from your business, you have to be willing to own it, and do what it takes.
It is not fun to be the boss, and often involves taking on an uncomfortable role, but if taking on that role gets your company to the next level, then it is worth it. You dream of big paydays, but if you aren't willing to trim the fat, and take the risks that only a boss can take, then you will never get there.

Tip three- Give everyone the right job.
Do not do tasks that are below your value, and do not expect your employees to. You would not hire Lebron James to answer phones up front, so do not put your star players at a copy machine, or doing anything that underutilizes them.

If you underutilize employees they will get bored and leave, or they will grow apathetic and cause office problems. No business owner wants this, and there is no reason to do this to your employees. Instead, let them shine where they should.

Tip four- Give everyone a chance to move up.
No one wants to answer the question of where they will be in five years with a "right here, doing the same thing", so make sure your employees know that when they work hard, that dedication and effort will be rewarded. Figure out how it will work in your company, promotions, graduation, etc.

Tip five- Take risks.
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. If you want more from your business, you have to be willing to do more, change things, and streamline processes. This often involves taking some risks.

Try these five tips to get more from your business.

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