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What you need to do to be considered for a bank loan

Businesses often take out bank loans after they are established in order to expand or improve in some aspect, and banks are ready and willing to loan businesses the money to do so.However, business owners should be aware that the banks look for some different things in order to approve a loan to an existing business than they do when considering loaning to someone starting a new business.Here is what businesses owners should expect banks to look at when considering their loan request.

Business History

When entrepreneurs go to a bank and ask for a loan, banks usually want to see a well planned and well written business plan.When existing businesses request a loan, they can expect the bank to want to see the history of the business.The bank will want to see where money has been invested, how healthy cash flow is, if bills have been paid on time, the status of existing loans, a plan for the use of the loan money, etc.Banks want to know that they are investing in a healthy business that is in a position to expand.

Accounts Receivable

The number of accounts receivable of an existing business is very important to banks who may be considering giving a loan.Banks want to see that a company has a consistent influx of money.Banks really like it when a company has established a regular clientele.This helps show that a business will continue to bring in a consistent amount of money, and will therefore be in a position to pay their loan.


Websites also demonstrate that a business is established.In a high-tech society, a business must maintain a quality website in order to convey information about the company, and also provide a medium through which potential clients can research about the products a certain business provides. Some websites even provide a way for potential clients to ask questions through email.Banks want to see clear, information-rich websites that are easily accessible to clients and future clients of a given company.

High Credit Score

As always, a high credit score will help most businesses secure a bank loan.If a business has a low credit score it is probably because it has had trouble paying loans in the past, or it is in danger of bankruptcy.
However, banks are flexible with how low of a credit score they will accept.Usually, a business will have to show extreme stability in some of the areas previously discussed, and have some sort of collateral in order to secure a loan with a lower credit score.Whereas a bank may place less importance on some of the previous areas if they have established a high credit score.Either way, a credit score will only be part of what a bank will require when considering a business for a loan.

Attaining a bank loan as an established business can be the key to expansion, productions improvements, or a better marketing campaign.No matter what the reason for the loan, a bank is going to want to know that their loan will be repaid.A business's history, number of accounts receivable, quality of website, and credit score will all be taken into account as a bank considers a business for a loan.

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