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Common Employee Health Issues To Be Aware Of

When it comes to the health of your staff members, you need to be concerned. Unhealthy employees can cost companies billions of lost dollars in productivity. People that are always calling in sick or take off a lot of time cost you not only productivity dollars but you are paying them for sick leave as well and you also have a rise in your health care costs to deal with. It is important that you look into the issues that are plaguing your company and that you find ways in which you can help to manage employee health better by addressing some of the issues at hand and to reduce the costs to your company.

There are simple things that you can do in order to provide your employees with a healthier working environment. From changing air filters to ensuring that you have proper air flow in the building, you can reduce the spread of germs and help to provide your employees with fresh air to breathe in. When a company takes the time to organize the workspace you will also reduce your risk of other issues as well like workplace accidents and injuries. People that need to get up and down all the time to find tools and things to do their jobs may end up putting themselves at risk because of the hazards that are around. You need to have an organized and clean working environment in order to prevent some serious injuries from happening.

What are some of the common employee health issues that need to be addressed by your company? There are several that you need to be aware of, here are some of the top employee health ailments reported:
1. Carpal tunnel syndrome. If you have employees that type all day long, it is likely that they will experience carpal tunnel syndrome. This can impact their ability to effectively do their job as their fingers may go numb and they deal with aching in the wrists. Some people even need to get surgery to repair the damage. What can an employer do? Teach proper office ergonomics to your employees and provide them with hand rests so that they can adjust their wrist position and prevent carpal tunnel. You may even consider investing in some wrists splints for your employees.
2. Head colds and allergies. Do you have an office that is kept clean? How is the air circulation in the building? Head cold and allergies are common complaints and can keep people from effectively doing their jobs. You need to provide air purifiers in order to help keep the air nice and clean and make sure that the ventilation system is working well. This helps to circulate healthy air into the building and it will go a long way in being able to prevent a number of the health issues that can cause people to take time off work.
3. Back pain. When people are not practicing proper office ergonomics it is common to see them struggling with certain pains. Back and neck pain are two of the most common complaints. Make sure that you go around and position everyone at their desk correctly and that you teach them correct posture and things for ergonomics so you can prevent aches and pains that can prevent them from being effective at their job.

There may be some other issues that you need to address like smoking or obesity. Consider all of the various health issues that your staff is facing so you can find a way to work on creating an effective workplace wellness program to prevent such issues.

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