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Health Fair Activities

There are so many different things that you need to work on when it comes to managing the health and wellness of your employees. Are you focused on providing your employees with wellness programs that will offer them a way to reduce their health issues like stress? You need to look at hosting a health fair where you can talk to your employees about health issues and also to introduce a wellness program that teaches them how to manage their health better and to live longer. Not too many people really understand how to live healthy and they may think they are doing a great job until a health screening where they see that there are so many issues that need to be addressed. A health fair can help to educate them and it can educate their family members as well. It's a great way to reduce the healthcare costs of the entire company as everyone will be involved in getting fit and staying in shape. So what are the health fair activities you need to use? Here are some that work well!

Workshop booth
At this booth you will have signup sheet and other things that the employees can choose from. Your staff will be able to decide what type of things they would like to learn about at the health fair. This is a great way to get them involved in the programs as they are the ones determining what type of programs and teaching things should be offered. Since they are the ones that will participate in the wellness program it is important that they are the ones that are involved in it's creation.

Want to make the smoking cessation message hit home? How about having demonstrations that show the dangers of it!? You can use this for just about any health topic and it is one of the most effective things to use when you are conducting a health fair as everyone will be able to walk by and can see right away what you are talking about. Demonstrations really do hit home for many people and they can easily aid in teaching your employees the importance of quitting their bad health habits or just giving you some great educational tools for families to see as well.

Some people do respond well to lectures and educational discussions. You should have a few guest speakers come in and talk about their struggles with past addictions and other things. This may get some additional people to come into and to really work on losing weight and other things. You can use the lectures the day of the health fair or you can have them as a closing or opening day for the health fair. Make sure to get people that really do know what they are talking about in order to get your employees to actually respond to them and to help in making people aware of the health issues.

Families may appreciate having some games and contests to play. How about having a weight loss one where you bring in extra weights that they have to run from a point a to point b with? It's the little creative ideas that you can come up with that will really make your health fair into a success. You need to be able to have a good committee at hand to come up with some fun contests that will get people to participate in them and to inspire a little friendly competition among your employees. As long as it's promoting health, it will all be in good fun and will be a way to bring the employees closer together!

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