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Setting KPIs for your quality system management

groupplanning26668223.jpgQuality is the key for every manufacturing plant. Without high quality, you won't be able to market effectively and show others that you have better products from your competitors.Quality allows you to have better products to sell as they have a longer lifespan from other products and the quality justifies the price you set on your products. As you have a higher quality standard for your company, you will also be able to avoid the expensive product returns based on a year-long return policy.

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Easy preventative maintenance tips to avoid disaster

mansmiling26246769.jpgWorkplace accidents, product defects, and many other problems can lead to complete destruction for your manufacturing plant. You must take preventative maintenance tips in order to avoid disaster and to make sure your plant is running to its full potential. What is the best way to prevent disaster? Lean manufacturing is one of the easiest and best ways to avoid disaster and to ensure that your company is running successfully.

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All about manufacturing standards

architect36832024.jpgA standard is a something that is measured against.In manufacturing, there are standards of operation and management.Because of the very nature of manufacturing (production), it is important to constantly be measuring how well the business is doing, and how high of a quality the finished product really is. Keep in mind that these standards are generic, (meaning that they apply to all manufacturers and business owners),no matter the size or nature of the organization. The business can be a public, private or even government entity,and these generic standards would still apply.

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Manufacturing trade associations

handshake30395603.jpgA trade association is an organization that was created for the sole purpose of specific businesses getting together. Many manufacturers are now joining together in trade associations. These trade associations are designed, to be able to join for a common purpose, which was to share information on the industry that they worked in. This works for virtually any industry, but trade associations seem to work especially well, for the manufacturing industry. If you are a manufacturer here is what you should know about manufacturing trade associations-

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What is cellular manufacturing?

discussion8075165.jpgCellular manufacturing is usually called lean manufacturing and it is a great way to improve efficiency and to make sure all the products you produce flow through the company without defects and other problems. Cellular manufacturing focuses on reducing delays in the production process. Eliminating waste is one of the main goals of cellular manufacturing and it will allow you to reduce customer's waiting times, manufacturing delays, and other problems that cause you to lose money.

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Why manufacturing standards are good for consumers

ladywithheadsetsmiling30342942.jpgAs consumers we have expectations for the products and services that we pay for.We assume that the products that we buy to eat will not be harmful to us and that the services rendered to us will not result in injury.Although these assumptions are fundamental to our decision to buy, we assume that the manufacturers of the products we buy will automatically comply with high standards and therefore fail to really stop to think about whether or not the products we buy really have been made to our expectations.As consumers it is obvious what is wanted.In short, what we want is to have our expectations met or exceeded.We want quality, reliability, protection (both of safety and health), compatibility between products designed to work together, consistency, choice, clear product information, lower prices and fair competition, and environmental sensitivity.As consumers, we work hard for our money and want to make sure that we are exchanging that hard earned money for a product that is comparable to the price in every way.

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Ways to get rid of hazardous waste

trash22475110.jpgIf your manufacturing business deals with any kind of hazardous waste, you are going to want to make sure that it is properly disposed of. To properly dispose of the hazardous waste you will need to make sure that you are following any laws that were enacted by the legislation that deal with hazardous waste. If your manufacturing business chooses not to properly dispose of hazardous waste, your business can face prosecution. This can result in jail time or a fine that needs to be paid as a form of punishment.

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Using TQM in manufacturing

airplane30902462.jpgTQM, or total quality management, is an organized management system that-as the name implies-works to improve the overall, or total, quality of a business. This is done by helping manufacturing employees to look for areas within their process than needs to be improved, and then working through steps on improving their entire manufacturing process.

Using TQM in manufacturing will result in a number of improvements, including increased profits, more satisfied customers, and better business practices in general.

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The basics of manufacturing standards

pushups63329537.jpgA standard is a something that is measured against.In school, we are measured against academic standards and given a grade that reflects our standing when compared to that standard.In manufacturing, there are standards of operation and management.These standards are generic, meaning that they apply to all manufacturers and business owners no matter the size or nature of the organization.The business can be a public, private or even government entity and the generic standards would still apply.

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Regulatory reform with the Bush Administration

buildings19268963.jpgWhen it comes to regulating businesses in the United States you will find that there are over sixty separate agencies that is involved in the federal regulatory policy. The agencies that are involved in the policies range from the Environmental Protection agency to the Exchange Commission. No matter which agency is involved in the regulation of the business their main goal is to enforce all of the rules that are enacted by each commission. For example, the Environmental Agency would be in charge of setting any new regulations that will help protect the environment, but they are also responsible for ensuring that every business follows the regulatory policies that are put in place by the agency.

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Manufacturing standards of testing and materials

containers26813816.jpgManufacturing standards are put in place to ensure that a certain job is done right every time.The consumer benefits from manufacturing standards because they are able to evaluate their product consumption options on a level playing field.With standardization, consumers are safe to assume that the manufacturers have kept the consumer's best interest in mind.The consumer can rest assured that their safety is being looked after and that there is not going to be a product put on the market that is not fit to be sold.Manufacturers definitely see the value in putting a product on the market that they can say meets certain standards.But understanding what it means to meet certain standards can be a challenge in and of itself.

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Manufacturing standards for today

manatcontrols24240145.jpgManufacturing is an essential part of the economy and these types of businesses contribute a great deal to the way we live behind the scenes to most people.There are many complexities about manufacturing that many people will never understand, but having a better knowledge about the standards the manufacturing world adheres to can help you understand more about the industry in general.

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International manufacturing standards

handshakeoverflags32166713.jpgIn today's world where international trade is a must if you want to remain competitive and profitable, there becomes a need to create an even playing field, a standard that everyone can rely on.International manufacturing standards do just that.They ensure that so long as you do business with a company that values standardization as you do, you can expect to receive at least a minimum standard level of performance in quality.

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Food manufacturing safety regulations

accountant37004036.jpgEvery manufacturing business has to follow rules and regulations so that safety and health are considered. The regulations that are set forth for the manufacturing industry are done so by over sixty different federal government agencies. These agencies not only create the regulations that the manufacturing businesses have to follow, but they are also responsible for enforcing the regulations. If a manufacturing company is caught not following regulations they will be sanctioned or fined depending on the violation.

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Engineering meets manufacturing

blueprints23266599.jpgEngineering and manufacturing are among some of the most important efforts that go unnoticed by many people each day.Many great projects and developments are going on behind the scenes in each of these industries and they are both making leaps and bounds and are producing new ideas and products that many people would have said were impossible less than fifty years ago.

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Creating conformity with manufacturing standards

architect36832024.jpgImagine that you are going on a trip with your family.You get on the plane and fly across the country.Then you realize that you forgot your prescription.So you call your doctor and have a new medication sent to a pharmacy close to where you are vacationing.Do you expect that the prescription you had at home and the prescription that you pick up on vacation will be the same?What if they weren't?What if the product made was of poor quality?Then what would you do?This is why creating conformity with manufacturing standards is so important.When there is conformity you have the peace of mind of knowing that the product that you are buying has met specified requirements ensuring that it meets specified requirement.This process is called conformity assessment.

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Child labor laws

teenboys26652293.jpgChild labor laws are covered under the Fair Labor Standards Act; other labor laws are also addressed under this topic, but child labor laws of one of the most important topics that are outlined in the Fair Labor Standards Act. Child labor laws is an important topic in manufacturing because of how many manufacturers have taken advantage of child labor to produce their goods, the goods can also be sold cheaper than others because of the abuse that is going on.

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The complexity of industrial and other forms of manufacturing is considerable. It takes engineers years to design machines and factories that can efficiently process millions of products. The machinery requires advanced computer systems and special programs. Furthermore there are extremely complicated hierarchies of systems that have to be identified and understood. Few of us realize just how complicated it is to make all of the parts and to organize them appropriately. In the recent past it became necessary to come up with a system to organize and name all of the parts of the systems. When something broke it made it that much easier to figure out what was wrong. One of the great international standards that was invented is the ANSI/SA-95 which provides a complicated hierarchy of details and terms to use in manufacturing processes such as continuous, repetitive, and batch processes.

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One of the reasons why industry functions as well as it does these days is that there is a system of international standards. Few of us can imagine what it would be like to run a manufacturing business without some sort of universal standard. Standards are used to keep controls operating in manufacturing businesses. They also help to organize systems and facillitate communications between them. The complexity of manufacturing systems is such that such standards are absolutely necessary, both for producers and suppliers. Without them industries would be working according to their own standards and would be unable to communicate with each other. IEC stands for International Electrotechnical Commission. It relates to the enterprise control system integration, meaning that the control systems in the process need to work together and exchange information. In much manufacturing there are several controls system that are monitored by central electronic systems.
A control system is the means by which a manufacturing business can monitor itself. Think of a control system as being something like a thermostat.

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